Monday, April 22, 2013

Some of the Best Weekends are Often Unplanned..

I had the entire weekend off this past weekend and not a single plan. Somehow, it turned out to be action packed! I like it when that happens.
Friday night we ate dinner with my parents at Sesame in Park Circle and grabbed some drinks at Madra Rua afterwards.
Saturday Cameron and I went to the gym then just kind of lounged around until going to The Alley with Caroline and Andy! There was a two hour wait for a stinkin' lane so in the meantime, we inhaled some nachos (have you had their nachos?? SO GOOD.), drank some pitcher beer, and played some ski-ball.

After we finally got our lane and played a few games, we headed to our next stop, Rarebit. It was actually my first time there so of course I had to try the Moscow Mule. So good!
On our way back to the car, we passed by the William Aiken House and there was a beautiful set up so of course I had to get a pic.
There was also what looked to be a broken ice sculpture on the side of the house so naturally, Caroline and I decided to have a contest to see who could keep their foot on the ice the longest. We wound up calling it a tie.
Ate dinner at Taco Boy where my sister joined us then made our way back to the Avondale bars. On the way there Caroline and I participated in back seat ab exercises. Totally forgot about that until I asked Cameron on Sunday why my sides were sore. I'm sure that all of the alcohol we consumed had nothing to do with any of these shenanigans...
Sunday Cameron and I slept in and then did some much needed yard work. That evening, we met up with my parents and went to go see Quiana and her band (our wedding band) play a free concert on Daniel Island! It was fun, but it was cold and windy.

And now, I'm sitting in bed writing this post and drinking some coffee because I'm off today!
Got a few wedding related posts lined up this week so stay tuned for those!
Happy Monday! 


  1. The fact that you created a contest of holding your feet on an ice block makes me KNOW that we would be friends in real life.

  2. Ha! I love that you guys competed to hold your foot on the ice the longest. :)

    I love weekends like this. Sounds perfect! Happy Monday.

  3. I have totally done "who can hold their feet on the ice the longest" before as well as who who can keep their feet in the snow the longest" LOL that's to funny..

    Have a great day!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  4. you are right sometimes the best weekends are ones with no plans and you are free to do whatever you desire. sounds like you had a terrific weekend! wow a two hour wait for lanes and nachos and drinks are a good way to help pass the time

  5. I love all of the places you ate! Fun weekend!