Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Twin Tuesday [Morris Family Baby Shower]

Some of the ladies on Cameron's side of the family were sweet enough to throw me a baby shower last month. Just the women alone on his side of the family is enough to have a decent sized shower! It was held at his aunt and uncle's house on Johns Island and the menu consisted of delicious Hamby tea sandwiches (you Charlestonians know what I'm talking about), she crab soup, caprese salad, and dessert. His cousin's wife is super crafty and she made the sign below, which is so sweet, as well as all of the monogrammed onesies, burp clothes, and bibs! 

Dress is from Le Tote

The wonderful Morris crew

My adorable nieces!
They are so excited to meet their new cousins! 

My beautiful sisters-in-law (missing the third!)

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Twin Tuesday [Maternity Photos + Updates]

After having to reschedule my maternity photos three times due to weather, we finally had sunny skies last week! Not going to lie, I had a very busy day the day the pictures were scheduled and I started questioning if I should even still do them. Well, I am so glad I did! Who knows if this is going to be my only pregnancy? Aside from my Iphone pics, I wanted documentation of this wild ride and my ever expanding belly! 

Kelly of Kelly Conley Photography was so easy to work with and made me feel so relaxed. It was just like hanging out with an old friend! After discussing the style of pictures that I liked and the atmosphere I was interested in, we decided on Daniel Island. Which actually worked great because Cameron's office is on DI. 


33 Week Update

-I've started going to weekly appointments, and last week was my first NST (non-stress test). It took them forever to get Baby B to cooperate and find his heartbeat (I wasn't worried because I had just seen him on an ultrasound). 

-During the ultrasound, Baby A measured 4lbs5oz and Baby B measured 4lbs1oz. Can't believe I'm basically carrying around a full size baby at this point! Actually, I can. They are heavy! 

-My csection is scheduled for November 11, if they don't come on their own before that! The 5 week count down is on!!! 

-My hospital bag is packed and the car seats are installed. Talk about a surreal feeling looking in my rear view mirror and seeing two car seats! 

-I'm waiting on the glider to come in before I share photos of the nursery and it's been 12 weeks since I ordered it, so hopefully it will be here soon! 

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Twin Tuesday [Babies First Football Game]

Another great weekend in the books and one week closer to meeting our little guys! 

Saturday morning, Cameron and I made the trip to Columbia for the South Carolina / ECU football game. Yes, you read that correctly. Cameron went to a USC football game. (For those that do not know, he is a Clemson grad and a die hard fan). The only way I got him to go to the game is because he put his foot in his own mouth by saying he'd only go to a USC game if he sat in a box. Well, my Uncle Jay has great connections and called Wednesday saying he got box seats! Cameron really had no choice at that point. :)

I will say though, I think he had a pretty good time. How could he not have? We had an awesome tailgate spot near nice, air conditioned, clean bathrooms (vs. nasty porta pottys), we rode up to our box with George Rogers (USC's Heisman award winner), saw Darius Rucker (sadly, didn't get to talk to him), and we sat in a box with our own bathroom (can you tell bathrooms are really important to me these days? haha), a catered meal, and all the booze one could drink! 

Aunt, Sister, Me, Mom

Cameron, Dad, Sister's BF, Uncle
He fits right in!
Cocky and his parents during the Gamecock Walk

Me with Big George! 

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Twin Tuesday [30 Weeks]

-I'm 30 weeks today!! And TOTALLY feeling it. As I type I'm sitting on my couch with a heating pad on my back and rib pain that I can't shake. HOWEVER, I'm willing to do whatever it takes so that these babies continue to grow and be healthy! 

-At my 28 week ultrasound, both babies were head down. Baby A weighed 2lbs11oz and Baby B weighed 2lbs10oz. The doctors like to see them as close in weight as possible, so this was a great report! Also at 28 weeks, my belly measured 33 weeks! 

-Babies are still moving like crazy! I probably feel them more often than not. 

-I packed the majority of my hospital bag over the weekend. You just never know when they will decide to show their sweet faces!

-Maternity pics were scheduled for yesterday evening, but got rained out. :( My makeup was looking really good, too! Will try again later this week. 

-I found out last weekend that one of my pledge sisters in my sorority is due with twins in February! She doesn't know their genders yet, but already has two boys! Can't.even.imagine. 

-On Sunday we took Gus to a local waterpark that lets dogs come play at the end of the summer once the park is closed and before they drain all of the water. My mom also brought her dog, Buddy. They had an absolute blast! I'd guess their favorite part was the lazy river by the way they would run circles around it. 

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Twin Tuesday - First Baby Shower!

This past Sunday, my Aunt Cindy (also with the help of my mom and sister) threw me the sweetest, most thoughtful baby shower. It was obvious how much time she spent on it, and everywhere you looked there was another detail that had to be documented. The invite list consisted of women on my side of the family, as well as family friends. The boys got a ton of great stuff and are already very spoiled! 

 Spoiler alert - you now get to learn their names! 


Details even down to the descriptive food names!

With the amazing hostess, my Aunt Cindy

With my Mother in Law and Mom

With my sister

Just so that I can remember for myself, I was 26 weeks and 5 days along during this shower. :) 
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