Thursday, April 25, 2013

Baker Wedding: Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner.

Our rehearsal was at 5pm the day before the wedding and surprisingly, most of the wedding party was actually early! It was sunny and in the upper 60's.

Emily, my Matron of Honor, made my lovely rehearsal bouquet!

After we all rehearsed, we headed down the road to the rehearsal dinner! Our rehearsal dinner was held at Cameron's parent's house on Johns Island and there were about 100 guests in attendance. The weather forecast called for a chilly evening, so we added sidewalls on to the tents and rented a heater to keep everyone warm. We wanted our rehearsal dinner to be a casual party so delicious barbeque and sides were served from Bessinger's, along with beer, wine, and sweet tea vodka! Calvin Taylor provided soulful tunes for everyone to enjoy. Cameron and I put together a slide show and had that playing throughout the evening so that guests could watch it whenever they wanted. It was a great night and a nice way to spend time with our family and close friends before the big day!

 So there's a meaning behind the heart with the fish hook through it that you'll see below on the grooms cake, and throughout the wedding. Cameron had a brother named Travis who passed away due to a heart condition when Travis was a freshman at Clemson and Cameron was 9. Travis knew of his heart condition and was planning on getting a boat and naming it Heartthrob, and drew a picture of a heart with a fish hook going through it! It was very special to have reminders of him throughout the wedding.
Emily getting ready for her speech!

Sibling group hug with Gil trying to escape.

That night, my mom and I spent the night at Cameron's parent's house and Cameron slept at our house with Brady. We both debated going out for a little bit so we could spend more time with our friends, especially out of town ones, but both decided to call it a night.
Dress is by Laundry and was purchased from Rue La La!


  1. How sad but so sweet about his brother! So glad y'all were able to incorporate him throughout your wedding!

  2. Cameron's house looks like a great place to have your rehearsal dinner. so perfect. and what a special thing to have memories of his brother throughout the weekend.

    p.s. point me to the single ones.

  3. Beautiful dress and Cameron's parents' property looked like the perfect place for the rehearsal dinner! So pretty!

  4. The story of that heart emblem ... so touching! You looked fabulous my dear - that dress is perfection on you!

  5. I love your dress, I love the gingham table cloths and I love that you did the speeches the night before! Sadly, we cannot do the groomscake the night before because the stupid venue will charge 200 to cut it. :( Everything looks so perfect!

  6. I love seeing The Island House ;)! Your dress was so pretty. Can't wait to see wedding pictures!

  7. You look gorgeous! What a beautiful place to have your rehearsal dinner. Looks like it was fun and special...just how it should be!!

  8. Did you get married at the Island House?! That's where we got married! :)

  9. LOVE your pretty dress! That is a sad story about his brother but it was so nice to incorporate him in the wedding.

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  10. I love that picture of you and your dad!!

    And how special to include memories of Cameron's brother!

  11. Love your dress and how fun to have such a big rehearsal! :)