Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tasty Tuesday - Sauteed Tilapia with Lemon Caper Pan Sauce

Cameron and I must have said "this is so good" at least 10 times while devouring our dinner last night. I didn't even know I liked tilapia until I made this last night! And now I want to eat it every day. 

Sauteed Tilapia with Lemon Caper Pan Sauce
Recipe and picture from Tasty Kitchen / Pioneer Woman

¾ cups Low Sodium, Fat Free Chicken Broth
¼ cups Lemon Juice
2 teaspoons Capers
¼ teaspoons Salt
¼ teaspoons Pepper
1 Tablespoon Butter, Divided
12 ounces, weight 2, 6 Ounce Tilapia Fillets
¼ cups Flour
Combine the broth, lemon juice and capers and set aside.
Salt and pepper the tilapia and then dredge the fish in the flour.

Melt, over low heat, the tablespoon of butter in a large pan. Once the butter has melted, increase the heat to high, and put the fillets in the pan and let cook for 3 minutes on each side. Or until the fish flakes with a fork. Remove from pan and tent with tin foil.

Add the broth, lemon juice and caper mixture to the pan scrapping the bottom of the pan to release browned goodness. Bring to a boil and cook for three minutes or until reduced in half. 

Serve two tablespoons of the sauce over the tilapia.

I served with Natasha's garlic pasta and caprese salad!


  1. Looks yummy! I have always been curious about capers..for some reason I think they would taste like olives- Im probably way off.

  2. Looks delicious! I love trying and new recipes and types of food. Tilapia is delish!

  3. This sounds delicious. I love cooking fish on hot summer nights. It's so light. This is on my to make list!

  4. wowza...sounds awesome! tilapia is usually pretty cheap too, which is nice.

  5. Looks delicious! I'm going home Wednesday night-Sunday night for an Easter mini-vacay, I might have to try some of these recipes I've acquired blogging!

  6. I will definitely be making this! Sounds like a delicious combo.

  7. ok, this looks amazing! Too bad it doesn't come with instructions on how to make the hubs start liking seafood...

  8. I'm supposed to be teaching you how to cook new things....not the other way around. I can't wait to try this.

  9. i was going to leave my typical tasty tuesday - "this looks awesome/i suck at cooking" comment but i just can't get over that people actually cook lik this. i do love some tilapia though & capers. i would love to say that i'm going to try this but that would be a lie - i'm sure it's incredible though - certain of it!

  10. loves it. I'm so excited I found your blog. I'm a new follower, I hope you will as well. I started my blog a little over a month ago. It's all about celebrity fashion from the point of view of an LA stylist. Stop by to see multiple post a day on all the latest celebrity fashion news and check out pictures from the fall/winter preview I attended yesterday in Beverly Hills. Would love your support. xoxo


  11. You had me at lemon and capers!! YUM