Wednesday, June 26, 2013


My first confession post!
I have to admit, these were kind of hard to think of!
Here we go...
-When I eat the 100 calorie pack of Wholly Guacamole, I lick the wrapper clean when I'm done with it.
-Little does my boss know, but I try to arrive early to work throughout the week so that I can leave early on Friday.
-I am really grumpy if you wake me up in the middle of sleeping. Cameron calls me a bear.
-My favorite movie is Major Payne. My sister even quoted a line from the movie in her Maid of Honor speech.
"Don't push the maybes, baby."
-When I work my events at night and have down time, I watch reality tv shows on Hulu. My current guilty (and embarrassing) pleasure is the show Mob Wives. Those bitches be crazy.
Sorry if they were lame, I'll try to think of better ones next time. :)

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  1. Yay, confessions! I would definitely lick the guac wrappers too. I need some of that asap. Do you drink the pickle juice?

  2. I love the confessions posts! Ha, I love that you leave work early on Friday's! I would too, if I could!


  3. Those 100 cal quac packs are addicting. I love them with pretzels, carrots or on a sandwich.

  4. Love the new look on your blog! And PS - never seen those 100 cal packs. Must find them ASAP!

  5. I love the 100 cal guac packs, delicious!

  6. Um, never knew that they made 100 calorie packs of Wholly Guac. I will definitely be buying those, and probably licking the wrappers, too. If you're counting that as 100 calories, you have to make sure you consume them all, right? Ha. Love the confessions. Keep 'em coming!

  7. Um I need to pick up those 100 calorie packs of Wholly Guac stat. I think its totally ok to lick them clean - why not get all of your 100 calories! Major Payne is hilarious. I haven't watched that movie in ages!

  8. okay...def didn't know about the 100 cal wholly guacamole!!! Where do you find them?? mob wives are hilarious and I agree they are def crazyyy. lol

  9. Licking the wrapping is totally cool - it's only 100 calories :)

  10. No kidding! Major Payne is my favorite movie! In fact I still have a VHS / DVD combo player because I only have a VHS copy. I know every. single. line.

  11. My friends call me the sleeping dragon! Never wake a sleeping dragon.