Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baker Wedding: Reception!

My Chi Omega girls!

My coordinator, Stephanie!


My mom with my Godmother.

This happened.

My sister's boyfriend, Aneeth.
Cameron and my mom doing their infamous dance move.

The dance floor was packed!

Man, that was a fun night!!
Final wedding re-cap post on Friday!
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  1. What a fun wedding! Looks like you had a lot of interesting dancers! And your arms look super toned, that body pump must be paying off :)

  2. I've enjoyed all your wedding photos! Your dress was fantastic and it looks like you got a wonderful day for it!


  3. SWOON! That picture of you 2 kissing on the water, you need to print that out! And your last picture of your space. The lighting....WOW!

  4. Omg was that Cameron dancing in those pictures?? That is HILARIOUS!

  5. Well I guess I know what the pretty sorority was at your college! :) That sunset pic of ya'll is STUNNING.

  6. That was seriously one of the best wedding receptions ever. SO fun. I forgot how detailed your cake was! And Lord have mercy on Scott and his suspender dancing...

  7. Love the pics, as always! Did you work with your coordinator all along? Or just the day of?

  8. that tent!!! and that setting!!! so gorgeous - looks like a full on party so I know it was a great time!

  9. dying over that clear tent and the stunning wedding cake! looks like y'all had so much fun!!