Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cameron's Birthday Dinner at Husk.

Our dinner at Husk for Cameron's birthday was one for the books! All of the food was delicious and we were treated like royalty.

First, let's talk about my dress! I originally ordered it to wear to my friend, Kristen's, wedding in September, but there was no way I could let it sit unworn in my closet until then. This was the perfect occasion to break it out.
It's from Fiore Boutique and I'm obsessed.
(You'll probably recognize Caitlin on their website!)

PS- How do you take a picture of the back of your dress without looking awkward?

Now on to dinner...

We arrived half an hour before our reservation and went to Husk's bar next door. Cameron ordered a bourbon on the rocks and I ordered a "frou frou" bourbon drink..which I can't find on their website, but it was a peach flavored bourbon with other accompaniments. :)
When we arrived to our table for dinner, we were handed this menu!
I made this reservation so long ago, I had forgotten that I even told them it was his birthday.
Points for me!
Also when we sat down, we were handed two glasses of champagne!
So this is what it feels like to be a celeb? I'll take it!

As an appetizer, we ordered "Dave’s Clams with Fried Chicken Skins, Red Pepper-Spring Garlic Broth, Fennel and Wilted Arugula, Sunny Side Up Egg"
As assumed, the crispy chicken skins were the best part.

We also ordered the "Kurios Bibb with Heirloom Tomatoes, Screened Egg, Milk Ricotta, Shaved Radish and Onion, Buttermilk" salad, but I start digging in before I could get a picture.
For dinner, I ordered the "TX Wagyu Sirloin, Nicola Potatoes, Sweet Onion and Garlic Soubise, Ember Roasted Mushrooms, KY Worcestershire"
And Cameron ordered one of the special's that night...a 30oz ribeye! For the record, neither one of us heard the "30oz" part of the description..and I'd say only about 10-12oz of it was actually edible after you got rid of the bone and fat.

He even got to pick out his own fancy steak knife!
And a side of "Baked Geechie Boy Grits with SC Mushrooms and Sweetwater Valley Cheddar"
Holy moly those were good.
Hope you enjoyed dinner, Cameron!
Also hope you enjoy eating pb&j's until next pay day!
Kidding....kind of...
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  1. Your dress is gorgeous, I love the open back! I've been dying to try Husk, I have heard it's delicious!!



  2. Love the dress and love that Husk does all of those extra little touches for a birthday. I've had those chicken skins before and they were to die for!

  3. Ah, I LOVE Husk...the bacon cornbread is so amazing!

  4. That dress is aaaaahhh-mazing!! Husk is definitely on our MUST DO for our next trip to Charleston! I want that peach cocktail, like now.

  5. that dress is beyond gorgeous!! xx

  6. LOVE your dress! I've been lusting over it since I saw it on Caitlin's blog. I'm always torn between my love of open backs and my hate of going braless - ha! The food looks a-mazing. Yum!

  7. love that dress, it looks great on you! do you mind if i ask what size you ordered? i'm thinking about purchasing it for a wedding in october but am unsure of what size to get!

  8. What a fun night out! Isn't it fun feeling like you have all the money in the world for one night?!! Super cute dress!

  9. OMG - that dress on you is fantastic! I wish I had it for a wedding this weekend! How amazing is Husk and its bar?! I hope to get back there soon.

  10. Wow, that dress is stunning! I've been looking for a dress for my upcoming big 3-0 birthday and this just might be it. How is the sizing? Is it true to size? I'm headed to Charleston for a girls weekend on Friday and we tried to get reservations at Husk but unfortunately they were booked, we waited too long. I guess it's just an excuse to visit again!

  11. ummm, holy smokes! That dress is gorgeous. I would have to do crunches 24 hours a day for the next year to be able to wear that, but I just might try because it's fabulous! A friend of mine was visiting your town recently and posted pics from their meal at Husk on FB. They looked as yummy as yours do. Ack. I'm supposed to be thinking about crunches not chicken skin ;)

  12. You can't get reservations at the one in Nashville for like 2 months. It is crazy! Oh and that dress looks rocking on you!

  13. Wait just a minute, your blog design looks awesome!! Also equally obsessed with that dress. The back is gorgeous!

  14. Loveeeee that dress, perfect for a special birthday dinner! Glad you enjoyed Husk, it's definitely on my bucket list.

  15. I love Husk, such a great place!! Also, that dress is gorgeous! The back is so pretty! xoxo

  16. looks like an amazing dinner! and that dress - oh my god I love that back!!!


  17. Haha! Love that last statement!

    Glad y'all had a fun dinner!

  18. love that dress!! and I had to check out the restaurants menu after all those descriptions, if we ever travel to either location I may have to eat there.

  19. Love your dress! How nice that they personalized the menu and gave you champagne :)

  20. LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress on you, girl! Seriously, you pull it off perfectly. I have heard so many great things about Husk, I am dying to go there!!!

  21. You look stunning in that dress! What a fun birthday celebration!! Well done, girl. :) We have Charleston on our places to visit, and I need to add Husk to the places to eat when there.

  22. I'm seriously in love with the back of that dress! Lace gets me every time


  23. Chicken skins at Husk are to die for!! One of the yummiest restaurants...so good! Love your dress, too!