Monday, June 10, 2013

Baker Wedding: Family & Group Pictures.

After Cameron and I did our first look and took pictures together, it was time for the group and family pictures. Again, we decided to do these prior to the ceremony, so that we would have more time to visit with our guests.
My Matron of Honor, Emily, and my Maid of Honor, Stephanie (sister)
All of my beautiful girls.

Cameron and his brother like to pinch each other's nipples. It's weird.


  1. Your pictures are beautiful Megan!

  2. megan - these pictures are absolutely stunning!! i am in LOVE with your bridesmaids dresses!! just gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful!! Love the different shades of bridesmaids dresses, and the pictures in front of the azaleas are stunning! Can't wait to see the rest!

  4. I know that I'm biased but that shot of our 4 guys is really, really great!

  5. Holy moly. The ones of ya'll standing in front of the home on the different levels? Maybe one of my most favorite wedding photos ever. FRAME IT!