Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for Naked Jay Big Dill Vodka.

I'll save the sappy stuff for tomorrow.
Today, I'm here to talk about vodka.
Not just any vodka.

Last week, after I posted about National Pickle Day, I got a glorious email. It was from a girl named Alexis who does PR for a company called Naked Jay Vodka. She introduced me to this new company and said she wanted to send me some pickle flavored vodka! I emailed her back IMMEDIATELY with my address.

Naked Jay Vodka is based out of New Orleans, Louisiana and currently has three flavors of vodka: 80 proof original, whip cream and big dill! The vodka is only available in Virginia at the time, but is also about to be released in Illinois and will be slowly releasing to additional areas.

I recieved my package of mini-bottle samples (1 regular vodka, 1 whip cream and 5 big dills!) late last week and saved them until Saturday's football game against the Citadel so I could let other people get in on the deliciousness.

Emily and I mixed up some bloody mary's with our Big Dill vodka and it was SO good. Not too overwhelming, just the right amount of tangyness! Once I can get my hand on a full bottle of Big Dill, this will definitely be my go to drink.

See that orange soda behind me? That was to mix with the whip cream vodka. Orange creamsicle, which was AMAZING.

So, if you live in Virgina, go get you some Naked Jay Vodka. You will not be disappointed.

And if you don't, like their page on Facebook (here) and/or follow them on Twitter (here) to find out when NJV is coming to your area!


  1. hilarious! i am so glad you liked the big dill! :) have a great thanksgiving! and no, we aren't going to the clemson carolina game. boo. i hope yall have fun! and go tigers! :)

  2. Oh my word that is too funny! I'm glad you liked it!

  3. That whip cream vodka with orange soda sounds delish! Hope it comes to Georgia soon!

  4. yes! love it! i got mine a couple days ago and can't wait to try it!

  5. Tell her to send me some, I would LOVE to try it :)

  6. Haha this looks slightly bizarre but bet it's actually delicious! Loving your scarf!

  7. There aren't many things in this world better than a GOOD bloody mary and this vodka sounds perfect for mixin'- thanks for the intro. I'll have to be on the look out in Charlotte! Hope you had a great thanksgiving!!

  8. Where in VA? I might be able to pick some up on our trip up to and from PA!

  9. A friend of mine who makes the most delicious Bloody Marys ever finally revealed his secret ingredient, pickle/and or green olive juice! No wonder this vodka is so good. I'm a believer.

  10. Yum! That sounds awesome, I could def do a creamsicle drink right now to get me feeling right! And in some strange way I feel like I'd definitely be into the pickle juice one too!