Friday, November 11, 2011


Although I have to work until 8 tonight, I'm still super pumped it's Friday! There is a fun filled weekend ahead of me.

But first, I had the pleasure of meeting and having dinner with fellow blogger, Ashley from Turquoise and Teale last night! She is as sweet and cute in person as she seems on her blog. :) My friend, Kate, also joined us! As sad as it is, I hadn't seen her since her wedding day (March 2010) so it was great to catch up with her, as well! She was a little apprehensive about the whole meeting a stranger thing, but now I'm pretty sure she wants to start her own blog!

We split the appetizer trio (salsa, queso and guacamole) and I ordered the Baja Fish Taco (tempura fried mahi mahi, thinly sliced red cabbage subbed lettuce, cilantro and ancho chili yogurt sauce) and a Tempura Avocado Taco (tempura avocado, topped with a sweet Thai chili glaze, and a citrus slaw). One dollar from each tempura avocado taco ordered is donated to the Green Heart Project, which "pairs volunteers from the Charleston area with disadvantaged youth in effort to teach the knowledge and values needed for a sustainable future and instill the virtues of hard work and success through building an urban garden." Pretty cool!

Tomorrow both the Carolina and Clemson games are on at 12 noon so we'll most likely be at a bar with multiple tv's, enjoying some frosty beverages, and rooting Carolina on to a victory over Florida! Cameron and I met after the Carolina / Florida game 3 years ago - all together now: awwwwwwwwwwww. :)

After the game, we'll go home, freshen up and make our way to dinner and drinks before the Darius concert! I.AM.SO.PUMPED. Darius is one of my favorite people to see live. I need to remember to charge my camera tonight so I can take plenty during the concert!

Happy Veteran's Day and 11.11.11! My Grandaddy Smitty is an Air Force veteran and fought in the Korean war. Cameron's grandfather is a Navy veteran and a survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Thankful for both of them!
Gotta love his shirt. :)


  1. your dinner sounds delicious! enjoy your weekend! sounds like you have a fun one planned :)

  2. So happy for you and Ashley that you got to meet! I'm extremely jealous!! Have fun at the concert :)


  3. Aw, Happy Veteran's Day to your grandaddy! Have fun at the concert - Darius is on my board at the children's hospital! (I plan events for our board members) ...Oh, and go Clemson! (had to throw that in there ...hehe!)

  4. Had SO much fun last night and I'm so glad that we got to do it! :) Have a blast at the concert and get those pics with Darius!!

  5. Sounds like you had a fun blogger meet-up! They are just the best! The avocado tacos sound absolutely delicious!! What was the restaurant called?? I'm glad you had a great dinner! Enjoy the weekend!!

  6. awwwwww! i hope USC wins as a 'first-time-meeting' gift for you and cam-bear!

    have so much fun at darius!! he is the bomb! and take lots of pics - i want to see whatever cute outfit you wear! :)

    ashley from T&T is awesome! (must be the whole name thing) ;)jk!

    happy weekend!!!

  7. I absolutely love Darius Rucker! He is at the top of my list of concerts I'm hoping to see soon. Can't wait to see pictures!

  8. So fun to meet a fellow blogger friend! There are so many I would love to meet in person one day. Glad your team won yesterday! ;)

  9. Oh Smitty! When did he get that shirt?