Monday, November 7, 2011


I LOVE live music. Always have. I started thinking about all of the concerts I've been to the other day and compiled a list just so I could look back and remember them. It was really hard to remember them all and I'm sure I left a few out.

First concerts:
Tanya Tucker - First concert I attended thanks to my dad signing me up for a jump rope contest behind my back. I wound up winning tickets to see this lovely lady. (I just Wikipedia'd her and don't recognize ANY of the song titles.)

BoyzIIMen - abc, bbd.

Country Phase:
Garth Brooks
Shania Twain
Dwight Yokum - my mom's old fave. i went with her to make her happy.
Tim McGraw
Alan Jackson - the night I first tasted red bull / vodka. (in college, obvi.)
Keith Urban
Carrie Underwood
Kenny Chesney
Dierks Bentley

Rock Phase (most of which were from WaveFest, a local music festival that was put on every year by our rock radio station, 96Wave. RIP 96Wave and WaveFest.):
Stone Temple Pilots
3 Doors Down
7 Mary 3
The Jayhawks

John Mayer
Widespread Panic
Maroon 5 - before they hit the radio. my sister and i pretty much discovered them.
Sheryl Crow
Ziggy Marley
The Wailers
The Fray
Gavin Degraw
Corey Smith - most recently added

The Repeat's:
Will Hoge
Hootie & The Blowfish
Darius Rucker - seeing him again this Saturday! I may or may not being going backstage! :)
Cowboy Mouth

What has been your favorite concert that you've attended??


  1. Wow, you've been to a lot of concerts! I've been to a few of those country concerts... My fave concert was Cher... don't judge :)

  2. I'll be going to my 10th Jimmy Buffett concert in February, my first was when I was 4 :)

  3. Hands down favorite concert = AEROSMITH! Ah-mazing. No wonder they have been around for so long. And Steven Tyler may or may not have grabbed my hand ;-)

  4. My favorite was Eric Clapton. and I love going to Cowboy Mouth.

  5. My favorite was either the Garth Brooks concert I went to last December or a Kenny Chesney concert I went to in college. I've been to non-country music concerts but country stars just always put on the best show!

  6. haha. pretty sure i attended the boyzIImen concert when i lived in summerville! i have to be honest, my first concert though was new kids on the block. heck yes.

  7. being that I work in the concert industry- I LOVE this post!!! I'd love to sit down and actually list all the shows I've seen/taken part in working..but I'm not sure I can remember a lot of them!

  8. Wowee--you really have been to a lot of concerts! How fun!

  9. HAHAHAHA! The name of the band is COWBOY MOUTH! ha!