Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Five.

Another Friday is here. Possibly the best day of the week, knowing that the weekend is just hours away. We've got a jam packed next couple of days, which I'm sure will make the weekend fly by. 

I received a sample of the Philosophy Hope in a Jar in the mail recently and tried it out this week. I wanted to love it (it smells AMAZING) but it didn't surpass my beloved Clinique Moisture Surge Intense . I use it twice a day and love how it feels on my face. Just the right thickness and doesn't make me feel greasy. 

Sadly there was a shooting at my alma mater yesterday morning. An apparent murder-suicide between a professor and his ex-wife (thank you to Dana for updating me with the facts!). So senseless. You always see these awful things on the news but never expect it to happen to somewhere so close to your heart. My thoughts and prayers go out to both families. 

After all of the talk and excitement about finding a mirror for our living room, I drove all the way (it's somewhat of a hike from where I live) to Hobby Lobby on Wednesday, only to find that all 3 mirrors that they had in stock were damaged in one way or another. So disappointing. The mirror search continues......

Charleston ladies, I spotted a Kate Spade dress at Marshall's in West Ashley on Wednesday for THIRTEEN DOLLARS. It's a size Large and it does have a small spot or two (probably just a little make-up from someone trying it on and that will most likely come out in the wash). But it's $13!!! 

As I mentioned above, we've got a jam packed weekend. It's pretty much all about Lane, and I love it! Tonight we are babysitting sweet Lane while his parents enjoy an oyster roast. Saturday I'll be in the kitchen baking some cookies for Lane's 1st birthday party, then switching my apron for a cocktail dress later in the day, as we'll be celebrating a friend's engagement. Sunday is Lane's 1st birthday party and also one of Cameron's brother's birthdays! We are going to be so pooped Sunday night. 

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  1. So I work at USC in The Arnold School of Public Health, the professor who was killed was in Exercise Science and his ex-wife was the one who killed him and then killed herself. So sad, and so scary, and way too close to home! :(

  2. I wish I could find Kate Spade at Marshall's, I never have that great luck. The shooting yesterday was so scary and I feel the same way about never thinking this kind of experience will happen to you. Forever to thee!

  3. Haha, I tried that dress on a few months ago! Didn't work with my body type but that really is a steal.

  4. I know everybody loves HobbyLobby for home decor, but I just can't really jump on the train. I had somewhat of the same problem the other day. I found an adorable print from the Lindsey Letters line that came framed. However, the frame was pretty cheap, and everyone single one of them had some sort of scuffing or damage. So, we left without.

  5. Ugh that stinks about the mirror, sorry, lady! Hope you find an even better one!!!

    Hooray for baking cookies, yummy! Have a great weekend!

  6. That is SO disappointing about the mirrors. I hate when that happens :( Hopefully you find something else soon that works even better!
    Hope you have a great weekend--good luck with the cookie baking!!

  7. We have a Hobby Lobby mirror and I don't think it's the best quality mirror out there but I just loved it so I bought it anyway :) Have you checked World Market?

  8. Are we headed to the same cocktail party Saturday night? N&C?? Boo to the mirrors and the dress in the wrong size!

  9. I have such a love-hate relationship with Hob Lob. Love their pricing (sometimes) hate that you go in for one thing and come out with four others! Hahaha. Best of luck in the mirror search, I'm on the artwork search for something to go in our dining room!

  10. Hoping you find the perfect mirror soon! I will have to try the Philopsophy Hope in a jar! Have a great weekend! Xo, Stephanie

  11. Ugh, total bummer about the mirror. I've been on the hunt for one for our master bathroom and hadn't thought about checking Hobby Lobby! So sad/scary about the shooting incident - saying a prayer for everyone involved!

  12. we just got an awesome mirror for above our couch - came from Garden Ridge less than $200.