Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend of Fun {Greyson's 1st Birthday + Hootie Concert}.

Happy Monday morning! 
Writing from my comfy couch with a cup of hot coffee right next to me, waiting on the (when is it ever going to end) rain to begin. This is my last day of my 4 day weekend, and my, has it been nice!

Here's what I was up to this weekend...

On Friday, Emily, Lane, and I drove to Bluffton to to celebrate Greyson's 1st birthday! His party wasn't until Saturday, but since I couldn't make it, I still wanted to spend time with him and his parents!

After we got the boys a snack and waited for the rain to stop, we rode around the neighborhood on the golf cart, just catching up and admiring all of the beautiful homes. 

We kept it low key that night, just ordering some Mellow Mushroom, drinking some red wine, and watching some tv. The next morning, everyone woke up bright and early, Kelly Anne made some delicious cinnamon rolls, we drank some coffee, and played with the babes. I took off kind of early to head back to Charleston, but not before snapping a couple of pics of the party decor. 

Isn't this banner that Emily made ADORABLE?!? 

Once I got back to Charleston, Cameron and I grabbed lunch at Sesame (their Southwestern salad is so good!), and went to Belk to look for some shorts for him. While we were walking to Belk, there was a little fashion show going on in the middle of the mall. Cameron said, "that looks like Marin! (our niece)" It was! She, and her sister Kaylin, were there doing a little modeling, thanks to her big sister signing her up behind her back. Sounds like something I would do to my sister. :) They were so cute in their outfits and it was such a nice surprise to run into them, as well as my sister in law, Kara! We had just previously run into Cameron's cousin, Courtney, as Sesame, too!

That evening, we went to the Hootie & the Blowfish concert on Daniel Island. They don't really play together anymore, except for this Homegrown concert, which is the 8th annual. This concert also encourages concert goers to donate school supplies that will go to multiple Charleston County schools, which is awesome! We got hooked up again this year with VIP passes (thanks, Ford!), which let us go backstage, drink free booze, and enjoy amazing seats. 

Here's Darius waving to me!
(ok, not really)

I love that he always represents the Gamecocks. 
(And he did a lot of trash talking during in between songs, which I thought was funny)

This song ("Hey Hey What Can I Do"), which was on their Scattered, Smothered, and Covered cover cd and is a Led Zeppelin cover, is always one of my favorites that they perform. It's a guaranteed hip shaker for Darius, which is always nice for the ladies. 

Edwin McCain was one of the openers, along with Drivin' and Cryin', and Edwin joined the band during the encore to sing Solitude. Another favorite.

Hope everyone stays safe out there with all of the rain and high tides! Especially those downtown Charleston and Greenville! 

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  1. Looks like you had a great weekend--loved seeing the pics on Instagram throughout the weekend :)

  2. I love that Edwin McCain/ Darius Solitude song. I didn't realize it's the 8th year of the concert! I went years ago, must of been one of the first ones they did! That banner Emily made is precious! She could go into business!

    Life as I know it

  3. I love that banner! Such a cute idea!

    ...and oh Mellow Mushroom...just another place on my list of food I miss and can't get up here :(

  4. Loved following your weekend on IG and seeing the birthday boy celebrations. That banner she made is too cute!! The Hootie concert looked like a blast!

  5. Hootie and the blowfish is one of my old time favorites!! I didn't know they still did this concert, how fun.

    And that banner is hilariously adorable!

  6. Haha, I love how much closer you were at the Hootie concert - we were in the corner with the pleebs. That baby banner is absolutely adorable, I'm going to have to steal that idea!

  7. We must go to Hootie next year - haven't been in a couple years and miss that guy! Love the Gamecocks side of him ;)

  8. looks like a fun concert!!! and i need to try mellow mushroom + sesame! they are both on my to-visit list! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. Love that banner- so cute!! I miss Hootie so much haha, I love Darius Rucker solo but would love to see one more Hootie show. I might need to make a trip to Charleston to see them play again