Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our Trip to Meet Greyson!

On Monday I took the day off from work to go on a little road trip with Emily and Katie to meet Baby Greyson and visit with his momma, KA, in Bluffton!
We all commented on how calm it was there! Greyson is such a sweet, quiet, and not to mention, adorable little guy! We passed him around all day, got to feed him, and witness a diaper change. Haha! Both Emily & Katie are preg so they loved seeing everything first hand.
Can't wait to hold him again next month!

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  1. He is just adorable and he looks like one chill baby! Speaking of adorable - your dress! Details, details?!

  2. Just catching up lately - and you absolutely have some of the most gorgeous wedding photos!!! I mean just stunning. I would never get tired of looking at your photos either! ;) Hope you are enjoying married life!

  3. First thing I thought of is dang girl what is your arm workout? You are rocking that dress!