Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend fly-by.

The weeks and weekends are starting to fly by at warp speed. The next 6 weeks are only going to fly by even faster!

I have the day off today, which actually worked out well because Cameron is home sick. I don't feel 100% either, but I definitely feel better than he does. Poor guy. All he wants to do is feel better for his bachelor cruise this weekend!

The only exciting thing we did this weekend was Friday night, after I met my co-workers at Maria's for a drink, Cameron and I went downtown to meet Beth (Classic Annie) & Kevin at Social for a few drinks! It was so fun to finally meet Beth in person since I felt like we already knew each other..which we pretty much do since we email back and forth to each other just about every day. Beth & Kevin are getting married the weekend after us in Charlotte!

Saturday, I had to work a wedding and it was literally raining right up until the ceremony started. Then, the sun came out and was shining so brightly!

Yesterday I started the oh-so-fun task of scanning pictures for our rehearsal dinner slideshow. Not only do I have to scan them, but I also have to rotate and crop every single one of them. Now I know why it takes photographers so long to edit pictures before getting them back to you.

Also, special shout out to my friend (who also does my hair), Kady, who welcomed her baby girl into the world in the wee hours of Valentine's Day! Can't wait to meet sweet Ellie!


  1. I can't believe it's already February 18th - you're right this year is flying by!

  2. I understand what you mean about scanning pics;) I also worked on a rehearsal slideshow and loved it....unfortunately I lost my flash drive with everything saved the week of the wedding:( I still hope to re-do and maybe gift to our parents or ourselves sometime. It will be worth it!
    Hope yours turns out well! What software are you using?

  3. Hope Cameron feels better before his bachelor cruise--also hope he gets a good cruise ship, not like the carnival trip from hell that so many people were on the other week :-)! Feel better girly!

  4. Hope Cameron feels better and that you were able to rest and enjoy your day off! xo

  5. You met Classic Annie and Kevin, how awesome! I still have yet to meet Kevin although we live in the same city. How much fun! I would have loved to crash that double date :)

  6. I would have loved to crash the date too- make it a quadruple date!