Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Nightmares.

Today let's talk about wedding nightmares.
I'm sure any girl who has gone through wedding planning has experienced them. There are just so many thoughts that go through our heads during the day regarding wedding planning and I guess they don't slow down when we go to sleep!
Nightmare 1 -
Location: A barn, and not one of those rustic, cute ones.
The drama: No band, keg(??) beer runs out and I send Cameron to the store to get more. He is literally gone the whole entire reception and I am left crying in the bathroom.
Nightmare 2 -
Location: No clue
The drama: I arrive to the reception location only to find out that the centerpieces are COMPLETELY wrong.
Nightmare 3 -
Location: Our actual venue
The drama: More drama with the flowers (can't remember exactly what), I left my wedding shoes at home, and my beloved band decides that they can't make it to the reception and gets a crappy band to sub for them, I totally freak out, and then I find my friend, Kelly Anne, wearing my wedding dress! This was probably the worst one of them all.
Luckily, I am friends with the lead singer in our band so I texted her that morning to tell her about my nightmare...
According to, here are some wedding nightmares deciphered:
Scenario #1: You're naked at the altar.
A dream that you're in the buff or wearing something embarrassing may indicate that you're nervous about being the center of attention. It can also mean that you're still coming to terms with the changes marriage will bring. "This dream is typical of someone who's embarking on an enormous change," says Gillian Holloway, Ph.D., a psychologist and author of The Complete Dream Book of Love and Relationships. "It can reflect that you're feeling vulnerable." If your dream-self isn't embarrassed about being naked, though, relax. This can mean you're at peace with both the attention and the upcoming life changes.

Scenario #2: You're missing something.
When a bride dreams that something critical is absent at the wedding, it often means that something's missing in her life, says Robert Waggoner, president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. Ask yourself, "What does that thing that's missing in the dream symbolize?" If the musicians don't show up, for example, and music is a major source of happiness for you, the dream may be trying to tell you that your hectic schedule has cost you some joy. If your fiance is MIA in the dream, it may be a sign that you need to spend more time together.

Scenario #3: You're marrying the wrong guy.
This can be a particularly upsetting dream, but—breathe a sigh of relief—it almost never means you think you're marrying the wrong person. "Whether you're marrying your fiance's best friend or Simon Cowell, I wouldn't read too much into this one," says Holloway. "It's likely your brain's way of coming to terms with the whole gamble of marriage."

Scenario #4: You're late!
Nightmares in which the wedding date has changed and no one shows up, or you're rushing to make it to the church on time, are "pretty straightforward anxiety dreams," says Waggoner. Since they symbolize that you're feeling overwhelmed by details, take them as a reminder to delegate some chores to others and to set aside time to relax.

Decoding the Symbols
Not every wedding dream involves a walk down the aisle. Here are some symbols that you may see while you sleep, along with common interpretations, from I Had the Strangest Dream, by Kelly Sullivan Walden. To determine what a particular image in your dream probably represents, think about the emotions and associations it brings up for you personally.

Hills, mountains = struggles and challenges
Ring = permanence, partnership, and unity
Teeth falling out = insecurity and powerlessness
Cake = reward for your hard work and accomplishments
Long hair = an increase in personal power
Short hair = fear of losing your power
Falling = loss of control and confidence
Father = support, protection, and heroism (or lack thereof)
Mother = unconditional love (or lack thereof)
Water = healing, cleansing, and sexuality
Aisle = order and a need for symmetry
Flying = freedom and joy
Did you have any crazy wedding dreams/nightmares?
Do tell!!


  1. haha...I shared my (thankfully) one & only wedding nightmare thus far a few weeks ago! I had a dream that it was 2 hours before the wedding and the party rental company (friends of ours) didn't have the tent or tables/chairs set up yet! I was having a panic attack about it until I woke up and realized it wasn't true. Having an outdoor wedding means plenty to worry about without the added stress of the rental company not showing up. :p

  2. I totally blogged about this too!!! Wedding dreams are totally real and it's crazy! Your brain is totally zoned in on it so I'm not surprised!! I don't really remember much of my dreams but I had one that I arrived to the church and didn't have anything with me like my veil etc.. Just sigh and breath, you're almost there!!!

  3. Haha your dreams had me laughing, but I'm sure they were terrible at the time. I'm sure when that time comes for me I'll be having all sorts of these. My dreams are always based on what's going on around me!

  4. Oh gosh...i havent had any dreams yet, but I always have dreams I'm late for everything. (Late for the first day of school....late for work and miss an important meaning!) After reading what it makes complete sense. I get overwhelmed easily! Bring on the "i'm late for my own wedding" dreams! sheesh!

  5. I remember having them, but now I can't remember what they were! haha Oh man, things just get stressful around weddings unfortunately haha just try and forget about it all on the week of and enjoy your day and time together :) no matter what goes wrong!!! And hey, showing up naked to the alter... not a bad way to start off your marriage ;)

  6. This makes me breathe a huge sigh of relief. I have had a few lately and it has been stressing me out. They all have seemed WAY to real. I never can remember all the details, but I know I wake up stressed out to the max!

  7. I haven't had any true wedding nightmares YET, but before I was engaged I used to have "nightmares" that my fiance would get down on one knee with a gold, or hideous ring! Thankfully he didn't, but damn were those dreams scary ;)

  8. I keep having a nightmare that my bridesmaids all decide to go to the beach on our wedding day. They talk me into going too, reassuring me that there will be plenty of time for them to be ready. Turns out, we are running into the ceremony late, with halfway done hair and makeup. What a nightmare!!

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  10. I had the strangest nightmare three months before our wedding. I basically dreamed we were getting married the next day and didn't have anything of what we planned, but were having another the wedding in October. My hair lady didn't show up and all my guests were coming in to our private rooms to say hello before it started! Thankfully none of that happened and it was perfect!

  11. I had a nightmare that my reception was attacked by aliens. Yes, aliens, in a ufo, with lasers, at my wedding. 5 points if you can figure out what that means lol


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  13. Don't worry about your wedding! It will be fine! :)

  14. Scenario #4 over here...I've had the dream twice that I'm waking up tomorrow and it's the morning of my wedding and all day I'm rushed and then it's over. Like completely over and I basically missed it.

    I have a real issue with the wording in scenario #1..."if your dream self isn't embarrassed about being naked". Really? I've had several dreams where I show up in a public place in my undies ... but my wedding, yikes!

  15. Oh my gosh these are awful nightmares! I hope they don't happen every night! You're going to sleep so much better once you're married! :)

  16. oooooohhh my gosh I am so glad I am not the only one. I've had dreams where I completely forgot to buy a dress and wore a white bikini (???) and that our minister forgets to show up! Whew! Love your blog!

  17. OMG I have them ALL the time! I had one two nights ago that I cheated on Tyler with my old basketball coach and my bridesmaid (I'm her MOH) saw it and we screamed at each other and told each other we couldn't be in one anothers wedding. What.The.Heck. I swear, I get them a ton. We are sooooo close so I guess thats normal?

  18. I go through phases where I'll have the most weird, vibrant dreams for a while! I think it's usually when I'm overly busy and stressed! I can't imagine what it will be like when I'm engaged and so close to the big day!

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  20. I just searched for this post because I had my first series of wedding nightmares last night! I remembered reading this and had to come back to re-read some of the decoding. I am SO glad I'm not the only one. My dreams are generally about me being late. I guess with 13 days left, I've got to take the stress out somehow, right? xo