Monday, October 1, 2012

Working Weekend + Weekly Menu.

This past weekend kicked off my crazy 5 weeks of work events. I work every single Friday night from last Friday until November 2nd, and every Saturday night (except for one!) until October 27th. One week, I have 5 events! Yikes. On the upside, I'll get to sleep in a lot and will have a lot of weekdays off to get wedding things done!
Here are a few photos of the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception from this weekend.
Their rehearsal dinner was held poolside.

The ceremony was held on the beach and then the reception was inside, upstairs.

Travis Allison Band - one of my faves!

 This week's menu isn't that exciting. I'm trying to clean out the fridge and freezer.

Monday - Mustard fried venison, yellow rice, salad
Tuesday - French dip sandwiches with sweet potato fries, salad
Wednesday - CSA starts back! Packet fish with assorted veggies, salad
Thursday - Homemade pizza with toppings of whatever I can find in the fridge and salad
Friday -Megan working, Cameron out of town
Saturday - Megan working, Cameron out of town
Sunday -  Megan working

See, told you it was boring.
Hope your Monday goes well!


  1. Your menu looks delicious! Mustard fried venison definitely has me intrigued. That might need a post of it's own!

  2. I'm with April, intrigued by the mustard fried chicken! Pretty wedding cake!

  3. I love the draping on the celing and the cake is so pretty!

  4. We did the clean out the fridge week last week. I felt much more organized this week having less stuff in there!

  5. How lovely! Both the rehearsal dinner, which simply looks stunning and the reception.

  6. I need to try a french dip sandwich! Do you have a recipe?

  7. How about the recipe for mustard fried venison? El fiancé isn't big on eating new things (AKA palate of a 5 year old) but he loves venison. I'd love a new way to cook it!

  8. Adding yet another request for details on the mustard fried venison . . . so much venison in the freezer and so few creative ideas for the game meats!