Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Dresses Part II

My apologies for no Tasty Tuesday post yesterday..I needed a personal day. So I slept in, went to Trader Joe's and our brand spankin' new Hobby Lobby with Katie, and started on a wedding project!

Now on the regularly scheduled Wedding Wednesday post...

The other day when I went to link back to my original bridesmaid dress post, it dawned on me that I haven't announced what my final decision was on them! I know you were all just waiting on pins and needles for me to. ;)

I decided to do the same style dress in 4 different, yet similar colors. I searched for the colors in "real life" weddings, rather than the picture on the website because those usually don't look the same. 

My beautiful friend, Kady, and her bridesmaids!
This is the actual dress, as a reminder.

I'm crossing all of my fingers and toes that the colors will flow in person as well as they do in my head! Do you mind crossing yours, too?


  1. Beautiful choice of colors, I know they will look fab! I'm so sad there was no pinterest when I got married, so many great ideas there!

  2. fingers crossed! i love the color.

  3. Sounds like a beautiful mix! Plus, all eyes will be on you as a beautiful bride that day anyway :)

  4. Crossing mine for you. ;) I cannot wait to see them all together! We do not have a Hobby Lobby here and I'm having withdrawls. Where else is a girl supposed to find things??

  5. Oh these will be beautiful together!!! love it

  6. These colors are going to be so beautiful together. Plus, I love that each bridesmaid can pick the color that looks best on her. Can't wait to see it all come together.

  7. How was the new Hobby Lobby? I can't wait to check it out!! So how about as a Charleston girl, my Monday routine is checking for the Wedding announcements and was like "HEY! I know that girl! I read her blog!" LOL Great announcement!!

  8. all crossed - though I'm sure it's not necessary because they'll be gorgeous!

  9. Love your bridesmaid dress selections! The colors are gorgeous and mesh so well together.

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