Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Tidbits.

Happy Thursday, everyone!
Some random happenings that have been going on this week...
-Brady had a play date with Bennett, Gracie, Landon & Mickey on Tuesday and he was in Heaven.
We stopped by Katie's house afterwards and I totally forgot she had a cat. Brady hadn't been around a cat since he was a pup so I was nervous that he was going to attack sweet Sophie! Luckily, he didn't. He did, however, make her super nervous because he was so interested in her. She lives with two dogs and they don't pay her any attention.
-I'm in full blown pumpkin mode. I've made pumpkin bread, crockpot pumpkin spice lattes, and last Sunday I made pumpkin french toast. Yeah bubba.
Also on the pumpkin front, I made a random trip to Wally World yesterday and walked out with a $5 BHG pumpkin spice candle and some Bailey's pumpkin spice coffee creamer. I like the Bailey's version over the Coffee Mate version b/c it isn't over the top sweet.

-Tuesday night I started my first wedding project! Ribbon drink stirrers! I followed this super easy tutorial and made them as I was sippin' on a white russian and watching Dancing with the Stars. Successful evening.
Off to eat lunch with Cameron & his Grandma, then on to work!


  1. I love lighting pumpkin-scented candles in the house this time of year--they smell SO good!
    I need to learn how to make pumpkin spice lattes in my crockpot!

  2. Loving all things pumpkin! Running to the store to buy pumpkin creamer and the french toast looks amazing!

  3. Those drink stirrers are too cute! I wish I had spent time on little details like that. Enjoy your lunch!

  4. Love the stirrers! Are y'all going to have specialty drinks? We want to have them but can't pick just two!

  5. Did you just say Yeah Bubba? Ha! Love the drink stirrers.

  6. i wish my dogs were nice enough to have play dates, they could use a wish every once in awhile and i could use a break from them ha! and i am full blown pumpkin too and my husband said he is already tired of pumpkin and the truth is i haven't even really gotten started

  7. The stirrers are so cute megan! I've been in full on pumpkin mode too. Can't stop won't stop :)

  8. The stirrers are so cute. BHG has some amazing candles I picked up the s'mores recently.