Monday, October 29, 2012

Two One + Menu Monday.

Unless you've been living under a rock, or maybe you and your significant football just don't watch football/ESPN, you probably heard about our (South Carolina Gamecocks') beloved Marcus Lattimore getting hurt in the game on Saturday against Tennessee. As Cameron and I were watching the game and saw what happened, as it was happening, we were shocked,  and if you've seen the video, you'd understand as to why we were also a little disgusted. It was not pretty. I'm not going to post a video or photo of it, because believe me, you don't want to see it. Through all of my years as a Carolina fan and our ups and downs, I've never shed a tear. Until Saturday. The look on Marcus' face as he was lying on the field, the support by both his teammates and the Tennessee players, and him being taken off of the field, visibly upset, just broke my heart. This was a guy who had just recovered from a knee injury (opposite knee) that happened last season. Why was this happening to him again??

Rumors were swirling Saturday evening and Sunday morning of a broken femur, broken patella and all four main ligaments in the knee torn. Luckily, that rumor turned out to be not true. Reports are now that he hyperextended his knee, which caused injury to several ligaments in his knee. I believe an MRI is scheduled for today.

Caroline's post pretty much says it all, regarding how much of a team leader and all around amazing person he is.

On an upbeat note, today is Marcus' 21st birthday! Happy Birthday, Marcus!! You have a world of support behind you!

(Sorry for all of the random, jumbled thoughts that were inside my head.)
Finally a normal work week, which means a normal cooking schedule!
Monday - Katie's baked ziti and caesar salad
Friday - Working until 11pm
Saturday - Fair with the girls!


  1. OMG that was such a terrible injury!!! I hated that it happened against TN! :(

  2. i want to come over for dinner tomorrow!! i loooove tomato pie!

  3. My husband was at the game and said that the air in the stadium went out. That the entire scene was horrific. After seeing the replay, I would have to agree. This is probably one of the most incredible pieces that I have seen on Marcus, though.

    #21, Forever to thee!

  4. My husband and I were at the game {as UT fans} and I've never heard an SEC stadium so eerily silent. My stomach ached and I held back tears, as did so many others around us. But it was truly beautiful to see everyone, no matter what team you were rooting for, come together in unifying support of one of the most incredible players in the country. No doubt about it, Marcus will be back to play one day!

  5. Oh my goodness, I heard about this. We were out of town over the weekend so didn't get to watch the game.. Glad to hear it's not as bad as initial reports made it sound!

  6. This absolutely broke my heart when I heard about this. He's such an amazingly talented player and I'm sending prayers his way. So happy to see the support of everyone rallying around him regardless of what team we cheer for.

  7. Ugh, I saw that made my knee hurt too! and I can't wait to go to the fair this week..fair food is the best!

  8. I'm so glad that his injuries were just a rumor! Sounded awful anyway! :(

  9. We heard the news via text in Paris and I was so sad I couldn't watch the game! He's such a great leader and player.

  10. this was so heartbreaking to watch. he is such an amazing person and player. hoping he is back on the field soon!