Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Mustard Fried Venison

When I think of mustard fried venison, I think of Thanksgiving in Olar, South Carolina (basically Bamberg) with Cameron's family. When we arrive around 11 or so, we immediately make our way to the pick-up truck in which the bed of the truck is filled with the makings for bloody marys. We greet everyone (which can take a while because this is not a small family), chat about what's been going on since the last time we saw them, and then some of the men start walking around with plate fulls of fried goodness as a snack before the big meal. The fried goodness is called mustard fried venison.

I asked Cameron for his recipe...but he wasn't a very big help, so I looked online. None of the recipes seem as simple as they way Cameron makes them (and they are still just as tasty, I'm sure) so I found one that sounded similar and almost as simple. So simple that it's just a few sentences and you just eyeball the ingredients. 

"Lay out your steaks on a cutting board, sprinkle on a little garlic powder, and use the edge of a saucer (like cubed steak) on both sides. Pour a jar (again, just eyeball it) of mustard in a stainless bowl and add about the same amount of water. Soak the steaks in this overnight. (We don't leave them soaking overnight.)
Now......the important part! Take the dripping steaks out of the mustard/water and flour quick. Lay the steaks on a cutting board and let the mustard/water soak all the way through the flour. Deep fry quick so they don't get too dry inside."

 Recipe found here.

Would love to know if you try this and what you think!


  1. This sounds delicious!! Thanks for sharing! I never know what to do with all the venison we have! The husband will love this recipe for sure!

  2. We have this at the hunt club sometimes. Yum!

  3. oooh yum! sounds amazing! I grew up eating venison, but I haven't had it in forever! booooo. xoxo