Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend: Supper Club, Cousin's 21st Bday, + Lots of Pool Time!

I'm so glad I have the day off of work today although I did do a lot of relaxing by the pool this weekend. Being in the sun all day is tiring!

Friday night we hosted supper club at our house. The menu consisted of things that could be made ahead of time (Cameron's smart thinking, I always try to do things that are too complicated) - pork tenderloin, California cole slaw, Cameron's mom's brown rice recipe and my sister's chocolate chip cheesecake recipe. Oh, and beergarita's for everyone!

After dinner and a few rounds of Catchphrase, we got a wild hair and wanted to go bowling. Got to the bowling alley, the bar was already closed and the lanes closed in 30 minutes. Bummer! We didn't want to go home yet, so we decided to go out in the Avondale area for a bit. First stop was The Roost but it was pretty low key and we were all about to fall asleep. So we decided to walk across the street to Voodoo, where they always have good music playing. Let's just say good times were had by all. :)
Tip: (clean) socks can be used in the absence of koozies. :)
First thing Saturday, I met my sister, mom, Cameron's SIL and his nieces at the bridal shop so that my sister could get measured for her bridesmaid dress and Kaylin (junior bridesmand) could find a dress! More on that later! After lunch with the SIL and nieces, we headed to the pool with Christina & Justin and some...others. That night Cameron and I went to Summerville to celebrate my cousin's 21st birthday! It consisted of hijacking my aunt's FB statuses, lots of laughs, and a poll to determine if the dog's feet smelled like Dorito's or a vacuum cleaner. And if any of you are friends with me on FB and saw a disturbing post from me - sorry, that was my aunt trying to get back at me. :)
Birthday girl!

funny story behind this pic, but we'll have to save that for another day

my seester & i
On Sunday, we went back out to the pool with Emily, David, Caroline & Andy. Followed by the usual Sunday summer dinner at Maria's. :)

After Caroline and I spent the morning looking for the perfect bachelorette shoes and lunch at Olympik, I am finally home and relaxing on the between loads of laundry. We're also eating dinner at Leaf tonight for a friend's birthday and I am super pumped! I've heard it's really good!


  1. I love the idea of supper club. I am starving thinking about what all you prepared....yum! Great weekend :)

  2. that supper club is a cute idea. sounds like you had a great weekend and relaxing at the pool is a great way to spend your sunday afternoon

  3. I love Leaf!! The atmosphere alone is amazing!

  4. I love that y'all used socks for koozies!

  5. i wish i lived in charleston to come hang out at supper club land! love that pink top you're wearing....and you're pink dress. you seriously have the best wardrobe ever!