Monday, July 2, 2012

One Hot Weekend!

Let's just start out by stating the obvious: it was HOT this past weekend. Records breaking all over the US, including a new record in Columbia of 109*!!

As if it wasn't hot enough, after lunch at Continental Corner, a group us took my mom to see Magic Mike! Yowza, I was definitely blushing during some of the scenes.
Me, Aunt Cindy, Mom & Cousin Amanda
That evening, my family got together to celebrate the June birthday's! There are 5 in my family! Stephanie (sister), Mom, Grandaddy Smitty, Cameron & Stephanie's boyfriend, Dan. Dan & Cameron actually share the same birthday! Grandaddy Smitty wound up not being able to make it. :(

Saturday, we loaded up the boat with fried chicken & Bud Light and made our way out to Morris Island for the day. Lots of good times were had, but sadly, no pictures were taken. :( Must be a sign of a good time.

Yesterday we just lounged in the pool all day to escape the heat with Cameron's parents and Shelby! Then Shelby and Trey invited us over to their new house to grill some burgers. It was so fun hanging out with them and their house looks so good! And no, I'm not just saying that because Shelby is reading this right now. :)

Can't wait to do it all over again next weekend!


  1. LOVE the "Happy Birthday Y'all" on the cake!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Our family holiday month is September- full of birthdays and my parent's anniversary!

  3. I love the all encompassing cake message of "Happy Birthday Ya'll"!

  4. I. Want. to . Live. in . Charleston!!!!!! Help me find a j-o-b hahaha
    I have a girlfriend who lives in Myrtle...If it's this hot in Kentucky, I can't imagine y'all at the beach!

  5. loveeee the cake!! and your green shorts are adorable!

  6. Love the cake, I love the word ya'll.

    Happy birthday to your fam!


  7. Awww loving the HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y'ALL cake :)

    My friends and family are mainly March and September birthdays...I always say that my soul mate will probably be a Pisces because my best friends pretty much ALL are :)

    Stay cool!!

  8. was the movie worth seeing in the theater?

  9. Love the "Happy Birthday Y'all!" cake--so cute to celebrate everyone together!!