Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend Plans & 5QF

 This weekend I finally get to do something fun! After painting tonight and working tomorrow night, Sunday I'm heading to the South Carolina State Fair in Columbia to see Darius! We're on a first name basis, just like Will. We'll leave Charleston around lunch time so we can get up to Columbia in time to enjoy all of the yummy fair food..and maybe a little tailgating.
Fellow concert-go'ers..Emily, Caroline, Michaele, Me..we'll miss you Katie! We'll be meeting up with Frankie once we get there!     

 1. Who is the better cook, you or your spouse?
Hmmmmm...I'd say we're tied. We're surely not experts in the kitchen, but we can follow a recipe pretty well. 

2. How often do you talk to your mom?
Twice a week, if not more. I call her for everything from cooking advice to gossiping.

3. Are you adventurous in the kitchen or stick to the recipe?
Eh, I hardly ever stick to the recipe either because I'm out of an ingredient and don't feel like going to the store, or don't feel like measuring things to a T. I wouldn't call it adventurous though, I'd just call it lazy. Cameron is the one who is most likely to stick to the recipe exactly. 

4. Is your second toe longer than your big toe?
Yes? I have no idea and really don't feel like taking my Wallabees and socks off (Friday = dress down day = my favorite!)

5. Do you dress up for Halloween? (Bonus question: What will you be this year?)
I definitely have in the past, but I'm not going to this year. Confession - I wore the same costume 2 years in a row. Katie and I both did. We weren't planning on going out for Halloween last year but were convinced at the very last minute to go to a house party and even made it to Trio! It turned out to be a lot of fun! This year I'll be at the Carolina / Tennessee game and I'd rather be wearing a cute outfit to my first football game of the year, than a Halloween costume.
First Year
Second Year

Have a great weekend!!


  1. have fun at the fair! watch out for those carnie's! :)

  2. I just gave you an award on my blog! Have a fabulous weekend!!

  3. yall are going to have so much fun! please tell everyone i said hi!!

  4. i have a mrs. claus halloween costume I would wear every year if I could, but people seem to frown on that. I just look so cute in it!!

    have a great weekend