Saturday, October 2, 2010

AH-mazing Weather + a CSN Giveaway!

Can I just start by saying how AWESOME it feels outside lately?!? Loving it.

Last night a group of us wanted to eat some good Mexican + sit outside. The perfect place? Taco Boy downtown. Everyone in Charleston loves some Taco Boy! The girls sat on one end and talked about girly things and the guys sat on the other end talking about football...and more football. I took a really cute picture of the girls, but of course forgot to bring my cord to work again! Grr. After sharing 4 appetizer trios, a baja fish taco to myself, and a few Blue Moon's, we relocated to Midtown. After a few beers there, the married couples went home and Cameron, Katie, Henry and I went and had some extra dirty martini's at Oku. Every bar we attempted to go to before Oku was extremely packed. Oku was basically empty (which was strange) and the leather couches in the front of the restaurant looked so inviting, it won the vote of our next stop. Hot dogs from a street vendor followed the dirty martini's on our walk back to the car and they were enjoyed romantically on the tailgate of Cameron's truck. :)

This morning we rolled out of bed at about 8:30 and headed to Cameron's new house for a day of tackling the yard. The house had not been lived in or taken care of for quite some time so you can imagine what it looked like. There's a 6 or 7ft light pole in the front yard that was completely covered with vines. I didn't even know it was there until I saw a picture of the house from back in 2004 when it was on the market. We actually got most of the front yard completed by time I had to leave at 11:30 to go get ready for work. Cameron's parents were there and my mom came by to help, too! I stopped back by on the way to work because I forgot to give Cameron his credit card back and to my surprise, my mom was mowing the back yard in her flip flops. Crazy lady.  I'm sure we'll all be back there tomorrow!

Now, I'm sitting at work. Wedding at 6pm. The groom is actually catering it himself! He's a chef at a nearby restaurant so he figured no one could do it better than himself! It's a small wedding and it's scheduled to be over reasonably early, which I am very happy about. 

On to the giveaway!

As I was catching up on the blogs I follow, I randomly came across a new blog, Fairy Tales Are True. Sadie is a super cute wife who's husband is a baseball coach. Her father was also a MLB player for 12 years. From the US, they moved to Switzerland shortly after their wedding. Her blog is about their travels and things she loves, including her love of turquoise, just like myself! Another great thing about her? She's giving away a $35 CSN gift certificate! I can think of a few things I could use that for...

Harbor House Chelsea Oblong Pillow - $29.99

Reston Lloyd Calypso Basics 5 Quart Colander - $23.99

Kalorik 1500 Watt Cordless Electric Kettle - $21.95


  1. Sounds like a fun, FUN weekend-- love girl, guy, and couple time with friends! Love that pillow that you posted about as well! Adorable :-)

  2. Sounds like a fun and productive weekend! We had some friends try out Oku recently and they said the food and service was awful, so much so that the manager gave them a comp meal. Maybe that's why it was empty?? Lol. Who knows. :)