Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Low Tide in Columbia! 35-21

Going into the game on Saturday, it was the #19 team playing the #1 team. As much as I hate to say it, I had little confidence. I got my hopes up for Auburn, only to be let down in the 2nd half and I saw what Alabama did to Florida. But just 5 minutes into the game, my confidence was back up, thanks to Marcus Lattimore scoring his 1st out of 3 touchdowns! South Carolina was up 21-9 at halftime. I was a very happy girl. When I saw the word "final" next to South Carolina 35 - Alabama 21, I could hardly believe my eyes! I couldn't even clap or yell or squeal or ANYTHING because I was sitting through a wedding ceremony. A very beautiful wedding ceremony, by the way. The reception was the perfect time to celebrate and rub the win into the mostly Clemson crowd's face. (Clemson lost to North Carolina, which made our win even sweeter!)

Here are some game pics from the Post & Courier website and some interesting statistics..

In 2010, the University of South Carolina beat the #1 team in 3 major sports - football, baseball and basketball! Only the second team known to have done that!

Stephen Garcia, not always my favorite player, completed 17 out of 20 passes for 201 yards with 3 touchdown passes.

South Carolina's biggest win previously, based on polls, was against No. 3 North Carolina in 1981. Saturday was USC's third win against a top-five team in 37 tries.

Alabama's senior quarterback, Greg McElroy, hadn't lost a game he started since he was in eighth grade.

South Carolina sacked Alabama's quarterback seven times. Stephen Garcia was only sacked once.

South Carolina is now ranked #10 and Alabama dropped to #8. :)

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