Friday, October 8, 2010

5QF and a giveaway in the works??

It's Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiday! My weekend won't officially begin until 11pm tonight due to a rehearsal dinner for work. But that's ok because Saturday morning Cameron and I are heading to the upstate! Greer, SC for Stephanie & William's wedding! Lucky wedding #15 for the year! We're getting up there early enough to watch our games, which both happen to be at 3:30pm. South Carolina vs. Alabama (kinda scared, not gonna lie) and Clemson vs. NC State. I have a feeling the wedding is going to be AMAZING and SO much fun! Will try my best to remember to take some pictures...I tend to forget when there is an open bar...

On a random note, I've been thinking about hosting my very first giveaway! And since I'm only 3 followers away from 50, I'm thinking that will be the perfect time! Once I hit 50, that is.. The new Darius Rucker cd comes out next week so that is currently sticking in my mind..maybe a gift card of some sort, as well. Since I'm new to the giveaway thing, I need your advice! Would you be interested in winning those prizes??

Ok, time for the questions..

1. What do you listen to while driving?

Whatever is on the radio..I have no cd's and I keep forgetting to buy a hookup for my Ipod! Need to put that on my Christmas / Bday wish list (my bday is 4 days after Christmas so whatever I don't get for Christmas, I tend to get for my birthday)

2. What is your least favorite thing about Fall?
 This is easy - the paleness!!! Let me show you an example..

I don't go to tanning beds anymore and don't want to pay for a spray tan every week. I would love to use the self tanning lotions but hate that I smell like a tanning bed all day after using them. Anyone want to suggest some good smelling lotions to try out??

3. What does your dream house look like, inside and out?
First of all, it would be located on a body of water with a dock.  Other "musts" would include a big yard that Brady could run around in, a big open kitchen that I could entertain in, a nice big jacuzzi tub, and a fireplace. Oh, and all of the floors would be heated! :) Y'know, nothing tooooo fancy or tooooo big.

4. Would you ever own a minivan?
My first thought is to say no, but I've learned to never say never! An SUV would be much more of what I have in mind for once it becomes necessary..

5. Do you wash new clothes before wearing them?
Not gonna lie, no. I'm usually too excited about buying them and want to wear them right away. It is kind of gross now that I think about it. There's no telling how many people actually tried it on before I bought it..


  1. Your weekend sounds amazing. Have fun!

    I'm like you with number 5. However, it is kind of gross if you think about it. LOL!

    I think your giveaway is perfect. Everyone loves gift cards and music. I hope you get those three followers soon! :)

  2. i'm with you on number 2. being a full fledged ginge i look like a vampire in the winter. but i'm addicted to spray tans. and i've used every kind of self tanning lotion out there. i usually put it on at night before i go to bed and then when i shower in the AM it gets that nasty smell off. jergens is the best.

  3. I love your new background!!
    Have fun this weekend. Let's plan to get together next week!!

  4. we had the same idea with #5. sometimes i think about all the people that tried it on and that grosses me out enough to wash it.

  5. It's nice to wash things first before wearing them, but not always practical/possible. Sweaters and dry clean stuff never look the same after you have them cleaned. If it's gross that someone else tried it on, then it's gross when you try it on in the store. Does that make any sense?

  6. Agreed on #2. I'm Native American, and if I'm not sunkissed, I look yellow-y.

  7. I used Aveeno's gradual self tanner for my wedding and it didn't smell at all!

  8. now you're only 1 away from 50 followers - yay!!!

    #4 - same here. in fact, when my husband and i decided we were going to try for baby #3, i went car shopping first. once i found an SUV that would seat 7 but wasn't ginormous (nissan pathfinder, btw), he had the greenlight :)