Friday, October 29, 2010

House Update + Furniture Purchases

Things are moving right along for the house! It looks like Cameron will be moving in in about 2 weeks or so..and I will officially be his roommate moving in at the end of April! I can officially announce that now that I've told my parents. :)

The most current thing going on inside the house is the tile being installed in both bathrooms. OF COURSE I forgot to bring my camera cord with me to work so I can't do a before and after post. So these in-between shots from my Blackberry will have to do for now. 

This is the hallway bathtub. The contractor installed white subway tile with a thin green glass strip going through it.  All three walls of the bath will be tiled.

This (crappy) picture is of the master bathroom. Cameron's mom helped us pick out the tile because they all started to look the same to us and we couldn't decide on one.

Where there is red in the picture above, is where this tile (pictured below) will be. Again, sorry for the awful pictures. 

Monday night I was browsing on Craigslist to see if any furniture caught my eye. I wasn't specifically looking for a vanity for our bathroom at the time, but it's the first thing I came across and omg, was I lucky! Our criteria for a vanity was: dark brown, around 60," drawers not in the way so that we could have two sinks and around $700. We were having a really hard time finding that. So when I came across this dark brown, 60" brand new vanity for $175, I got REALLY excited. The guy selling it bought it for over $500 and then later figured out it wouldn't fit in his bathroom. We picked it up Wednesday night and the guy happened to live in the same neighborhood! Anyway, here is a pic I found on the Lowe's website..we'll have to buy a top for it, obviously.
And lastly, I recently won a $45 gift certificate to CSN (woohoo!) so we've been debating on what to use it on. We finally decided that we didn't want the TV to be sitting on the floor so a TV stand was at the top of the list. Again, it had to be dark brown, at least 60," and I didn't want too many glass doors, in case I needed to hide junk. :)
This is the Tech-Craft Veneto 64" TV Stand in Ebony. We ordered it Wednesday a little after lunch time and Fed Ex delivered it TODAY before noon! That's CRAZY fast shipping! Can't wait until we can unpack it and put it together!

And so this post isn't ALL about the house, this is what I ate for lunch. It just looks too good not to share with you all! 

Tomato, avocado and melted string cheese on a whole wheat bagel thin. SO GOOD!
Have a great weekend and GO GAMECOCKS!


  1. Wow! That sandwich looks delicious! And healthy :)
    Your house looks great too! I like the tile...Can't wait to see more! :)

  2. the sandwich looks great.

    And the pieces you picked out for the house look great.

  3. Yes! I'm in love with the whole wheat bagel thins! That looks so amazing. Yum. I'll have to try making one soon.

  4. Your sandwich just made my mouth water! Yummy!

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