Thursday, October 21, 2010

Race for the Cure

Last Saturday I participated, for the second year, in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on Daniel Island! Traffic was a bioooootch really bad, due to atleast 2,0000 more participants than last year! Which, of course, is a good thing for the fundraiser, but bad for my patience. Especially when you've waited your turn in the traffic line and numerous cars cut you in line. But I won't get into that right now. 

As I was walking to the start line, I saw my friend Becca, so we walked about the first mile together.

Then I felt bad for not hanging out with my Gma and Mom so I walked the rest of the way with them.

Grandma's friend (a survivor), Gma Charlotte, Mom, Me, & My Seester

The 3 and whatever miles I walked totally made up for my slackness at the gym lately. Good enough atleast...


  1. Way to go! What a great cause :-) Your headband is way cute as well!!

  2. You rock lady! I think my Auntie is smiling down on you right now! : )