Monday, June 30, 2014

Quick Weekend Wrap-Up.

{Friday evening}
Went on a booze cruise to celebrate Cameron's brother's 40th birthday. Luckily, we made it back to the dock before the torrential downpour. But since it was raining so hard, we just all stayed on the boat for another hour and a half continuing the party! 

Saturday the weather was iffy. One second it would be cloudy, the next second the sun would be peeking through the clouds. We took advantage of the non-boat weather day and crossed some house projects off the list that we've been putting off for months, ok years. 

That evening, we made the 30 minute drive to Summerville, where I grew up and where my parents still live, to celebrate my mom's birthday. My parents best friends were in town from North Carolina and we hadn't seen them since the wedding, so that was also an incentive to go. 

We had dinner at Oscar's, then bar hopped all around downtown Summerville. 

Made it a good old fashioned Sandbar Sunday. 
Even the rain couldn't scare us away. We just hopped into the water where it was warm.

Now back to work...
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  1. ahhh I love Sandbar Sundays!!! What a perfect way to spend the day with friends even if the rain tries to scare you away!

  2. You guys have the best Sundays! What is Cameron doing in the home restoration picture? Refinishing a table?

  3. What booze cruise did you use? We're thinking about going on one for the 4th. Fun weekend! I'm jealous of your Sandbar Sundays!

  4. Yall look like so much fun! Even in the rain! I love the days/nights spent on the boat or at the sandbar. It's been far too long since we've done that!

  5. Fun stuff! Love when it rains on the boat and you can just get in the water. See you soon, pretty!

  6. We did house projects this weekend too. 24 bags of mulch later...ugh. Sandbar Sunday looks fun even with the rain!!

  7. What a great weekend! Your pictures remind me so much of our own Sandbar Sundays and Staurdays- kids has someone put a damper on that, ha!

  8. What a fun and great weekend you had. Love a good booze cruise and Sandbar sundays

  9. That looks so fun! You are making me miss summer, even though its rainy!

  10. Looks like an awesome weekend!
    I'm gonna be in your neck of the woods on Friday-Saturday and then staying on Kiowah Island for the week! :)

  11. that picture of you & cameron from saturday is SO cute. ugh i miss boat days....!