Monday, November 12, 2012

Pretty Perfect Weekend.

This weekend had all of the key ingredients for the perfect weekend!
Dancing, friend time, football, boating, & family time.
Here's how it went down..

Friday night was supposed to be a low key night of just eating some Mexican food with Emily and David. On the way to the Mexican restaurant, I checked Facebook and saw that our wedding band was playing downtown that night! After a little convincing, we ate our food and were on our way downtown! Met up with some other friends who were already down there and had a blast!! Got me even more excited for our wedding!
Saturday we got off to a slow start thanks to Friday night. I went over to Emily's to take pics of her, her husband and their doggies so she could have a pic for their Christmas cards! I should definitely look into becoming a photographer...haha, not really. But it was fun! After that, I picked up lunch and headed back to the house where we lounged on the couch and watched the Gamecocks beat Arkansas! (Sorry, Hannah. :) ) We went to Cameron's parents house to watch the Clemson game and ate dinner over there, as well. I was asleep by 9pm on a Saturday night. Officially old. 
Sunday I made a trip to Trader Joe's (YUM), worked on invitations, and then went for a boat ride! It was SUCH a nice day yesterday! Looking at the pictures below, you might see a stripper shoe hanging from an outrigger. Don't worry, they were not on our boat. I'd like to hear that story though.
And after the boat ride, my parents came over for a few adult beverages since they were in the area. Always love hanging out with them. :)

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I can't believe how many people had their boat's out this weekend. The weather was absolutley perfect for it though!!


  2. It was gorgeous this weekend. Made those tuna bowls Friday night. KILLER.
    What a fun weekend!

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  4. Great weekend for boating! Wish I also had today off to enjoy the weather even more.

  5. That first picture of you and Cameron is adorable!

  6. Awesome weekend ... how cool that you get to see your wedding band on a random Friday night?!

  7. A boat ride! How fun!



  8. The weather was so nice this weekend! Hope it stays like this for awhile!

  9. Yesterday was a great day for a boat ride! I love this weather and wish it wouldn't get cold.

  10. Looks like it WAS the perfect weekend! So fun getting to see your wedding band! I love when we get to see ours. What lake do you frequent? At the last minute, my husband said he wanted to take the boat out on Sunday... unfortunately, gotta plan ahead with children, so we didn't make it, but it WAS the perfect weekend. So fun!

  11. Sounds like a great weekend! We were in bed early too on Saturday, as our Friday night kicked our butts as well.

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