Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Loves.

Happy Friday!!
I am so glad the weekend is just 8 hours away! Well, technically my weekend will start at 10:30pm tonight since I have an event, but I don't have an event tomorrow or Sunday which makes me VERY happy! 

Tomorrow morning I'm going to a baby shower for Cameron's cousin's wife then heading to the fair with my favorite group of girls!

Here are some of the things that have made me happy this week...
-These beauties (in taupe) are being delivered to me today. I hope I can pull them off!

-First fire of the Fall/Winter 2013 season! Not much is better than sitting by the fire with a glass of wine, snuggled up to your sweetie, watching tv (or reading a book - but that's not me).

-Beautiful sunsets on the way to work.

-Will Hoge being nominated for the Song of the Year Award on the CMA's for writing the song "Even if it Breaks Your Heart." He didn't win, but the fact that he was nominated is awesome!! Also just found out that Lady Antebellum is recording one of his songs and it may be on their next album! So exciting!!!

-This sweet picture of Marcus Lattimore. He seems to be in good spirits despite his injury and that makes me so happy for him! :)

What are yall getting into this weekend??


  1. I love the fire and a glass of wine too! Sounds like a perfect start to the holiday season!



  2. Yay for the Fair!! We went last night and will go again on Sunday! I am also excited its finally cooling down and feeling like fall around here!

  3. I love those booties, and the taupe was the perfect color choice!! We don't have a fireplace, sadly, but I wish we did because I would have already turned it on too! We went to the fair on Wed. night- the fried oreos are to die for.


  4. Park Day on Daniel Island! Come! And I'll serve you a big ol glass of wine.

  5. Those booties I love! I miss the beautiful Charleston sunsets!

  6. Have a great weekend, after your event tonight! :) I this the booties are so stinking cute, of course you can pull them off!

  7. You can totally rock those boots!

  8. Oo I have a similar pair of boots from Target, actually! I love them! And snuggling up by the fire with a glass of wine = perfect fall night!! :)

  9. I love those boots! I've been dying for a pair of wedge ankle boots but can't commit to one color!