Thursday, November 1, 2012

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month (October) - {Brady's Story}

I learned from Betsy on Tuesday that October was Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Since I already had posts lined up for Tuesday and Wednesday, I figured I'd go ahead and post my shelter dog "story" the first day of November. Better late than never, right? 

I say "story," because Brady has hardly lived the hard knock shelter life that unfortunately many dogs do/will. 

Here is how Brady came into my life...

 One random Friday during my senior year of college (February 2006), Emily, Jenny and I were out to lunch since we didn't have Friday classes and as we were leaving, had the idea to go visit the dogs and cats at PETS Inc.! Senior year was when pretty much everyone in our pledge class got puppies. I was feeling the itch. We walked in, made our rounds and made some furry friends, but it wasn't until we were walking out the door that my life was about to change forever! 

A lady walked in with two fuzzy pups under her arm. We squealed, pet the two pups and as we were leaving (for real this time!) she mentioned to us that the runt of the litter was in her car. She said that the puppies were golden retriever / lab mixes and were 9 weeks old. Where did her car happen to be parked? Right next to mine. We rushed over to her car and found the cutest little white puppy I've ever seen! I was done. I knew my parents would initially be upset with me...but they'd get over it, right? Right! I picked him up, brought him inside to complete the paperwork and brought him home with me that day. 

That's why I say he didn't live the hard knock shelter life. The only time he was actually in the shelter, he was held in my arms and only inside there for about 10 minutes.

Adopting Brady has been one of the best decisions I've ever made! He has brought me so much joy and laughter, and I honestly get so sad when I think about him being gone one day (a long, long, long time from now). I mean, if you're friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter or Instagram (meganlsmith3), you know how obsessed with him I am. :)

So, if you're thinking about welcoming man's best friend into your life in the future, please consider adopting a shelter dog!
Now you can see why I couldn't say no to this face!

Emily bought him his first collar - yes, a pink one.
And a more recent photo..


  1. What an adorable little nugget puppy Brady was!! I can't resist puppy faces either ~ that's why hubs doesn't let me browse the shelter "just to see" haha. Our one crazy dog gives us full hands for now, but I'd have hundreds if I could!

  2. What a cutieee! I totally can see why you couldn't say no to that face. Following you on Instagram! I'm sweettealove :)

  3. Brady is too cute! I got Cooper, my dog from the pound too. It breaks my heart thinking of all the pups in there that deserve a good home. I can't even walk in them because I know I'll want to take them all home!

  4. Precious! I can't think about "one day" either. I just say that it will be a long time from now, and by then vet medicine will have advanced so I won't have to worry about it

  5. how cute! my pupster {turns 2 in December} is a shelter puppy too! & Brady could NOT be any CUTER!!!!! {now, or when he was a tiny little puppy!}

  6. oh my gosh! I used to have a golden retriever that looked just like him when I was growing up & I want one so bad again! He is so cute!

  7. Aw your pup is soo sweet & has turned into a very handsome dog! I adopted my cat from an animal shelter and would completely recommend it, they are such great animals and bring so much love into your home--can't wait until one day when we can adopt a dog from a shelter!

  8. Look at that handsome guy on the water!

    I want to adopt a dog so badly. But now is not the time (due to my work schedule and apartment situation). Hopefully soon I can bring a new furry friend home!