Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Favorite Thanksgiving Sides.

As I fast until Thanksgiving on Thursday (yeah, right) all I can think about are the yummy dishes that I'm going to be eating that day...twice. One meal with his family, one meal with mine. Back in the gym (for real this time, Emily!) on Monday.
Here are some of my favorite sides that will be served along with the fried turkey. :)
(My Aunt Cindy's specialty - she makes an extra dish of it just to give my parents...and I take some)
Rice & giblet gravy
(I'm not posting a recipe for giblet gravy..the ingredients are gross and I just have to not think about them when I'm eating it.)
What are your favorite sides on Thanksgiving Day?


  1. Nothing better than ole green bean casserole!

  2. That is the sweet potato recipe I use! It turned out wonderful last year so I'm sticking with it again :)

  3. I posted that same sweet potato casserole today, can't wait to make it!

  4. That sweet potato casserole looks so pretty and amazing! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!~Brett

  5. I have been horrible about working out the past three weeks (after I was soo good and going every day), so yesterday I started my Thanksgiving week off with a beautiful run outside. That means I can eat more dressing and pumpkin pie, right??

  6. I know someone else who made that same sweet potato recipe. Now I want to try it! Maybe I'll make it at Christmas. It looks delicious! And congrats to you on the big game yesterday!!