Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - The Band!

I have always been a huge fan of music, especially live music. All types of music. So when thinking of my wedding band, I knew I wanted someone who could sing it ALL.

Not sure if I've mentioned it before, but before my current job, I actually booked bands and DJ's for weddings & events! (Company website here.) I loved talking to the brides, grooms, event planners and the musicians.

I met this one girl, named Quiana Parler, who's voice blew me away. She also happened to be beautiful, inside & out, and her little boy could melt your heart, he is that cute. Since working for OBE, I've always known that when the day finally came, Quiana would be singing at my wedding.

Side note - Quiana actually played for Cameron's brother's wedding last October and at the end of the night when everyone was saying goodbye, I told Quiana that 2013 would be the year! I love it when I'm right. :)

As mentioned in my photography post, three emails were sent out the day after we got engaged to ensure I got my most important vendors. Quiana was one of them. Actually, I may have texted her. We're tight like that.

Ok, enough rambling, here are some interesting facts about Quiana:
-She was a top 48 contestant on the second season of American Idol.
-She has toured with Clay Aiken, Kelly Clarkson & Keith Sweat.
-She is a Charleston native!
-She has performed on Saturday Night Live, The Today Show, The View, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Good Morning America and more.
-She is the voice behind the catchy Morris Nissan commercial. (Cameron's family especially found it interesting that she is playing for our wedding and did play for Cameron's brother's wedding since they own Morris Nissan.)
-She played Effie in the North Carolina Theatre's version of Dreamgirls in 2008.

And now, let's hear her sang!

Quiana Parler and Friends

Next week we're taking our engagement pictures! Nerves are starting to kick in!


  1. Yay so exciting...every step is so fun!

  2. How exciting to cross things off the list and get your absolute favorites lined up for your special day!

  3. She's a baller!! Can't wait to hear how the engagement pictures go!

  4. Sounds like you are getting so much done! Glad you are able to get exactly what you want!