Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Haps & Menu Monday.

Rise & shine! A new week is here and the temperatures have started falling!
On Saturday, I treated myself, my Maid of Honor (my sister) and my Matron of Honor (Emily, the bff) to manicures as a way of saying "thank you for planning the best bachelorette party EVER!" I would take a picture of my nails to show you the color I got, but you can barely tell there's any color on there! Only reason you can tell I even got one is because they're shiny. Manicure fail.
After that, Stephanie and I headed to the Kickin Chicken in West Ashley to watch the Carolina and Clemson games with a group of friends. Alicia & Dallas came (another house divided couple) and brought Baby Dallas! I got to snuggle with him for a bit to cure my baby fever.
He was clearly disgusted by watching the Clemson game. ;)
After the game, we went home and got changed for the wedding party booze cruise! I'm going to save all of the details for Wednesday's post, but we'll just say a good time was had by all!
Here's a sneak peek of Cameron and me with our wonderful parents.
As requested by Emily, I'm going to try and start posting what I plan on making for dinner the following week on Monday's. I know I always like to see/hear what people make for dinner so maybe y'all do, too?
Monday - Pork chops, cottage cheese salad
Tuesday - Angel chicken with rice, salad
Wednesday - Sweet potato crusted fish with spinach salad
Thursday - Baked chicken parmesan, salad
Friday - Hungry Girl's buffalo shrimp ...what side?
Saturday - Wedding in Summerville
Sunday - ? (Sunday's are usually always up in the air and 99% of the time, we always eat out somewhere.


  1. Love that you are posting your meal plans -- I am always looking for inspiration!

  2. Yum. I want to hold Baby Dallas!! I know them too!!!

  3. I am obsessed with cottage cheese salad!

  4. you have such a fun social life! every time i read your blog i want to move to charleston and become part of it! my best friend kristin lives in charleston....and she is awesome too. i feel you all should know each other!