Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wedding Wednesday.

Not a whole lot to talk about today..just little tidbits. 

This coming Saturday, we've invited our wedding party (and spouses) on a booze cruise aboard the Major Motion! We thought it'd be a good idea that the few people who don't know everyone can get to know them a little better, and it was a great excuse to kind of kick this wedding thing off since we're only 7 months away!  
Picture I took from Cameron's parents house on Sunday as the boat was doing a drive by.

I jumped the gun a little early (this seems to be common with me and wedding planning) and ordered the wedding invitations! They had to be ordered, no matter what, by the end of September (reasoning behind that in a different post) so I figured since I already knew what I wanted, why wait? This will give me PLENTY of time to address them...because I think I'm taking the crazy route and addressing them all myself. So, they've been approved, sent off to the printer and now I'm just waiting on them to arrive on my doorstep...

Have a great day!! 


  1. Addressing them yourself isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I had about 110. The only bad part was that some addresses had changed since sending the save-the-dates, so I'm still waiting on about 5 complete addresses. I would make sure the ones you address are not moving in the next couple months just to save yourself some trouble! :)

  2. How fun!! What a great way to get everyone together!!

  3. I love the booze cruise! So much fun!

  4. Oh my gosh I am so jealous of your booze cruise! Pre wedding festivities are THE best!

  5. Great idea getting everyone together! Very smart. And I also addressed mine. I was so anal about it. I'll have to tell you how I go straight lines and perfect centering on every one once you're ready to get started! It was super easy!

  6. WOW! Its really great idea getting everyone together....I enjoyed your post.