Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Whew, I am SO glad I have today off from work because I had a jam-packed weekend.
Friday night we took advantage of Avondale's Restaurant Week and grabbed some dinner and drinks with friends at Mellow Mushroom. Dinner and drinks turned into, "hey, let's get a shot at every bar in Avondale!" I was super hesitant since I had to wake up early the next morning, so instead of ordering a beer along with my shot at every bar, I ordered a water. SO responsible. :)
My eyes lit up when I saw "The Elderflower" on the drink list at Mellow Mushroom. I finally got to try the St. Germain liquor that everyone in the blog world has been talking about. I liked it! Tasted very light and refreshing. I think I'll finally bite the bullet and buy a bottle now.

Saturday morning, Emily and I woke up early and took a road trip to Columbia for the South We had a blast and wound up finding great tickets....even if they were in the middle of the visitor's section. :)

The new video board!

These guys were obviously lost.
Yesterday, Cameron and I ate at Angel Oak Restaurant....
 Then picked up some pine straw, boiled peanuts and some mums from the nearby farmers market. We spent a long day working in the yard and Brady relaxed on the front porch while watching us.
Sorry, no menu plan this week. Busy week of events at work so I won't be cooking that much.
Hope you had a great weekend and have a great Monday!


  1. Love y'all's outfits. So cute! Why in the world would those men wear Clemson and LSU shirts?! They really were lost. How odd.

  2. I had no idea that mellow mushroom had such fancy drinks!

  3. A football weekend is always a fabulous weekend. Love everyone's outfit. xo

  4. You can get the St. Germain in small(mini) bottles at the liquor store at the City Marina!!

  5. What a fun weekend ... and how amazing is St. Germain -- that reminds me that my bottle is empty and it's time for another!

  6. You had a busy weekend! I am reluctant to buy the bottle of St. Germain until I taste it too. It's pricey!

  7. Love your monogram door "wreath"!

  8. What a fun weekend! I still need to try the St Germain liquor too! Brady looks so happy :)

  9. Love your monogram! Sooo southern and cute!

  10. Looks like a lot of fun! Love the outfit!
    St. Germain > anything else