Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Party Booze Cruise.

As I mentioned in last Wednesday's post, Cameron and I took our wedding party out on his family's boat last Saturday as a way for everyone to mingle with each other and have a good time! Well, we were successful. A good time was had by all and if the boat ride was a preview of how the wedding is going to be, we are in for an AMAZINGLY FUN night! :)

The future Mr. and Mrs. B
My dad is the cutest. :)

Love my family.
Cameron and I with our parents.
I'm going from having one sister to all of this craziness! Can't wait!
All of my beautiful bridesmaids (minus Katie)
Cameron and his groomsmen
Can't wait for other wedding parties to begin! 
Today marks 200 days until the big day!!


  1. oh my gosh, at first I thought your dad was getting iced.

  2. haha your dad IS cute! Love it. That's so nice you took everyone out...looks like a blast.

  3. Love your dress! Where is it from?

  4. That is such a great idea! I may have to borrow it for a "booze cruise" birthday party!

  5. Such a fun idea! Cute dress too!!

  6. Oh how fun!! And it'll be here before you know it!!

  7. What a great time and a beautiful boat! You & the future Mr. look perfect together!

  8. Looks like so much fun! Great idea to get everyone together before the big day.

    P.S. Love that your dad wore all his Gamecock gear!

  9. What beautiful families!! Looks like a blast!

  10. How fun! Y'all are gonna have one heck of a wedding, can't wait.
    Oh, and i mustache you a question...Who's the pedifile in the groomsman pic ;)