Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Brain Dump.

Since I had a 3 day weekend and never read blogs while I'm off of work, I feel like I have so much catching up to do reading everyone's blogs! Hope you all had a great weekend and Mother's Day!

Here are my random Monday thoughts..

-Didn't get to go fishing last Friday due to the crappy weather. :( While I was disappointed, it felt GREAT laying in bed until 11:30am. Fixed Cameron lunch and when he went back to work I layed back down for another hour or so. Haha! I felt like such a lazy bum, but also felt like I deserved it. I did make a quick trip to the grocery store, BBB to buy Jenny a shower present, and made some banana bread! See, there was some productivity!

-Friday night, Cameron's friend James spent the night (first overnight guest!) so I made Caroline's baked spaghetti (big hit, once again).  Everyone made it an early night because the boys were supposed to go fishing Saturday. That didn't happen, once again because of the weather.

-Saturday I went to Jenny's "Around the Clock" wedding shower in Columbia! Jen & Kristen did an amazing job with the decorations and food! Here are a few pics that I took..

I won these cookies from a giveaway that Fresh Cut Flours held! Everyone loved them and they tasted great!

Mrs. Adams hanger

Me and the Bride-To-Be

Chi O's

 -The boys + Shelby went out to Morris Island on Saturday and Shelby texted me a pic of Brady having a blast! He was one pooped pup when I saw him later that night!

-Sunday Cameron woke up not feeling well so we had to miss out on Emory's baptism and lunch. :( I let him sleep in while I made a dip for Mother's Day, then we went out to John's Island to take my sister and her boyfriend on the boat for a bit. Pretty sure I was on the verge of getting sun poisoning as a result from Katie's bach sunburn because my entire stomach was covering in teeny tiny blister looking things. TMI? Sorry. Headed back to his parents house for a Mother's Day celebration with both mine and Cameron's families, including our grandma's! I love that both of our families live in the same town and get along so well!
The fella's standing around the grill.

Grandma Charlotte, Stephanie (sister), Grandma Anna

 -What else?

-3 day work week then it's off to Beaufort / Fripp Island for Katie & Henry's wedding weekend! I CANNOT WAIT! It's going to be such a fun weekend! And I get to hang out with Ashley again! :)

-Last week of bootcamp! I'm glad I did it, but I'm SO over it! haha


  1. Looks like a FUN weekend! LOVE the shower decorations/food. I just got an invite to an around the clock shower this morning-- I have 7am. I can't wait to get some yummy pancake mix and a great appliance :-) Sounds like you have ANOTHER fun weekend ahead!

  2. The decorations and everything looked so cute! Can you believe we're old enough to be planning showers?

  3. I love those cookies you won, so cute!! Looks like you had a great weekend!

  4. Sounds like a good weekend - the party looks like a blast!

  5. What a fun weekend! That shower looked awesome! Love those decoration and the cookies! Too cute!

  6. Those shower decorations are fabulous-- so fun! Glad you also were able to get some R&R in this weekend...don't you love getting to stay in bed til 11:30 every now and then?!

  7. 1. Where is that clothes rack from? That is an amazing gift! I've never seen one of those.
    2. Love that pic of Brady, he is so cute!!
    3. Love your shower dress!
    4. Love your friend's sea turtle dress!
    5. That wedding is going to be a blast! I love Ashely's blog!

  8. saw the shower pics on FB - AMAZING! and i love your dress! what i would give to lay in bed until 11:30 so awesome. but you know what's going to be even more awesome? seeing you this weekend wooot woot!

  9. what a great shower!!! glad you had a fab 3 day weekend - im sure you deserved it!!!

  10. Glad you enjoyed your cookies! Looks like a beautiful shower!

  11. small, small world. I still cannot believe that you know so many Lancaster folks. I love it! The shower for Jenni looks so fun and delicious. Jealous you have a short week...ENJOY! :)

  12. I am a Chi O too! Its fun seeing Chi O is forever:)!