Thursday, May 19, 2011

So lazy. (and cotton ball earrings)

Just wanted to let yall know that I'm still alive! I think I'm going through one of those blog funks where I just can't think of anything interesting to say. I'm still reading all of yours though! Or, it could be because my schedule is so messed up this week. It went/goes a little something like this..

Monday - Worked 7am - 3:30pm, went to Red's/RB's for David's bday dinner.
Tuesday - Off work ie. did 3450845 loads of laundry while laying on the couch and watching tv. Seriously, the only time I left my house was to put gas in my car and go to the bank. I also felt like poo due to my sinuses.
Wednesday - Worked 7am - 3:30pm, took a nap from 4-5:30pm, went to Bible study from 5:45pm - 7pm, came home and crashed on the couch.
Today - Have a work wedding (that's currently going on upstairs) so I slept in until 10:30am. I'll be here until about 10pm tonight.
Friday - Another work wedding. Which means I will sleep in as long as possible, maybe hit up Harris Teeter for their tripled coupon week and head to work from 2:30pm - 11pm.
Saturday - ANOTHER work wedding. 

I'm sure you all really didn't care about my schedule, but I just had to show how not normal it's been this week!

A few of you commented on the cotton ball earrings that the bridesmaids wore in Katie's wedding last weekend. I tried to find some information online, but all I could find was the designer and site to buy them on. So here ya go!

They are from the John Wind Signature Collection. Here is the link.
I don't believe ours had the rhinestones on them.


  1. Those are beautiful! I love them!!

  2. You're a busy bee!! Are you a wedding planner? Those earrings are lovely!

  3. That is just so interesting to me! They look beautiful!!

  4. i'm with ya...blogging funk and just extremely busy!

  5. Such a cool idea :)

    ps Good luck with the crazy wedding weekend ahead!

  6. The earrings are beautiful

  7. I hear ya girl, sometimes I just get in a blog funk too. I have no desire to blog and I refuse to let myself feel bad about it. It is MY blog and I will blog when I have time and want to do it. (Hope that doesn't sound bad.) I tell myself my blog is something fun for me to do and express myself. I never want to make it a chore.

    Moving the wedding pics! Your friend's dress is like none other I've ever seen. And the bridesmaids dresses are so pretty, too!

    Hope you have a wonderful week, sweet girl!