Monday, May 16, 2011

Katie & Henry are married!

I feel like I've been gone forever! Email inbox is full (I am the queen of procrastination) & I have a TON of blogs to read and catch up on, but being away since Thursday was definitely worth it!

Katie and Henry are such an amazing couple. They are very similar to each other in the fact that they would both do anything for their friends and family. Not to mention a blast to be around! Katie and I met when we pledged the same sorority in college (2002) and lived together for the past 3 years!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend..
Bridal Luncheon
Rehearsal Dinner on Fripp Island
Groom's Cake
Such a pretty dress!
Front of the church
Bridesmaids before the ceremony
I put this pic up to show you the earrings Katie got us..they look like pearls but they're actually made out of cotton balls!
Back porch of the Dataw Island Clubhouse
First dance with her uncle

Loved the centerpieces!

Me & my man. This is a framer.

Up on stage..after I overcame my shyness.

Loved the hanging lanterns!


 Next up, Jenny's bach party in Dirty Myrtle in June!


  1. i cannot get over how gorgeous you looked! that dress is amazing and your hair looks so pretty!!!

  2. You look so pretty! Love the hair!

    I never really liked long bridesmaid dresses, but those are gorgeous!

  3. You look beautiful! That color looks GREAT on you too!!! :)

  4. Can't believe we were both at Fripp! Looks like an amazing wedding!

  5. What a pretty wedding! You looked beautiful, i love that color!

  6. Love your dress Megan! You look beautiful!

  7. Love the bridesmaid dresses! You look gorgeous in pink! Don't you just love a wedding weekend??

  8. What a beautiful wedding and color scheme... and maybe the prettiest brides maids dresses I've ever seen!


  9. love all the pictures. it looks like such a beautiful wedding. i loved those bridesmaid dresses too. you look so pretty!

    and a bachelorette party in the dirty? that's where i want to have mine...whenever the time comes! :)

  10. All of you have such pretty dresses on all weekend, I love your navy one!! and I loveee the bmaid dress, I actually def think you can wear it again! and I need to know more about the cotton ball earrings, that is awesome!

  11. Good morning from Tokyo!

    You all look so beautiful! I know you must have been over the moon to share this day with such a good friend. But could you elaborate a bit more on the cotton ball earrings? They look fabulous!

    Have a wonderful week, Megan.



  12. How fun! That dress is gorgeous on you-- LOVE the color, and your hair turned out great!

  13. I love the bride's dress! Do you know what designer it is? gorgeous!


  14. I LOVE that dress on you! You looked FAB! And love love all her decorations! What great ideas! :)
    xo:: Lauren @ tickled.

  15. YOU LOOKED AMAZINGGGGGG! Hair and Dress look GREAT on you :) love you Meeegan

  16. Beautiful pictures!! I love the monogram flowers on the door. You look gorgeous!

  17. Beautiful, beautiful! Love the dress...the color looks great on you.

    PS - not sure which hair option you went for, but it's FABO!

  18. love all the pics! the dresses were so pretty and that color looks amazing on you!

  19. Very pretty dresses!

  20. How fun!!! I especially love the bridesmaid dresses! The color is simply fabulous!

  21. You looked so pretty! And so did the bride! I am SUPER curious about the cotton ball earrings...I think we need more info!

  22. Such a pretty wedding- love the hanging lanterns!