Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bridesmaid Hair Debate.

For Katie's wedding this weekend, I'm leaving it up to the professionals to make my hair look like a celeb's as I walk down the aisle. As always, I am really bad at making decisions so I need yall's help picking out a 'do!

As a reminder, here is the dress I'll be wearing..
pretty obsessed. i'm going to get it cut above my knee after the wedding so i can wear again.
In this color...

Here are some choices that I've printed out to bring to the salon. Keep in mind that I have very fine hair that won't hold a curl longer than 5 minutes. I've also got a side part and bangs that usually stay tucked behind my ears. Hate having hair in my face. Don't like it too poofy. I sound like so much fun to work with, huh?!?




Now that I look at them all side-by-side, they kind of all look the same. Haha! I'm leaning towards #2 (LC) though..a little relaxed, not too "perfect."

I'd love to hear what yall think!


  1. this is hard for me because clearly I'm obsessed with all 3 people in these pics, but I'd have to say I like #1 the most for your hair, with #2 being a close 2nd ;)

  2. they all look great! i took in #2 for my wedding hair and loved how it turned out :)

  3. I am a huge fan of side buns! I've rocked one for like two weddings. Your hair would do well in one of those I would think. I love all of these!!

  4. I really like all of them! I'm a fan of the Jessica Alba hair the most, I think. Ha! They are all great choices!

  5. Your hair sounds a lot like mine! I vote for #3!! That way it is back, off your face, you do not have to worry about the side pieces losing curl, and the curls in the back will all be pinned in!!

  6. #3 is my vote, hands down. I like the others, but totally love #3 (and partial to Carrie, too).

    Have fun!

  7. I like #2, that is the same pictures i took to my salon when I got my hair done for Emily's wedding. It turned out really good and I have really fine hair too.

  8. I like options one or two both..something loose and elegant, but not over the top!

  9. i like lc's look...i would just keep the hair off my face, sometimes that can get annoying. so fun! can't wait to see pictures!