Monday, March 21, 2011

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

When people (a bride in this case) schedule a meeting with you and then fail to show up, without even calling or emailing to let you know!

On the upside, this particular bride is looking to book July 23rd, which happens to be this super fun couple's wedding date. 

So it is really a blessing in disguise. But she still could have given me a heads up..

Other than that it's been a great Monday! I didn't oversleep like I did most of last week and it's beautiful outside!


  1. In the words of Stephanie Tanner..."How RUDE!" Some people just don't think about others or at all.

  2. haha, love the sumo picture. that gave me a laugh. New to the blog - love the title... I'm from the south originally and love me some fried pickles!! can't wait to check out your blog even more!

  3. What do you do for a living that the bride was booking the consultation for?

  4. It is beautiful isn't it!?

    I agree with you, that would rub me the wrong way as well!

    Hope your Monday was a great one!


  5. what a fun picture!!

    i hate when people do annoying.

  6. it looks like you shouldnt miss their wedding - they look like a good time!