Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Thoughts

My thoughts are pretty scattered today and there's no real point to this post. Enjoy!

-I signed up for bootcamp! My job is offering a 6 week bootcamp for only $30! It will be Monday's & Wednesday's from 5:30pm - 6:30pm and if you go to 11 out of the 12 sessions, you get your $30 back! Unfortunately, I already know I'll be missing atleast 2 sessions due to work events. Oh well, it's time to get back in shape!

-The fridge was delivered this morning bright & early! I'm talking like 7:30am. We preferred to have them come between 7-9am so we'd be sure someone was home to let them in. I was already at work when they arrived so Cameron texted me this pic of the new and improved fridge!

Somethings you will notice in this picture:
-The Bud Light box. How embarrassing.
-No, the fridge does not stick out that far. 
-Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies - yum!
-Our 2011 fridge next to our original double ovens probably from the 60's. Still work great!
-The ugly green laminate counter tops..which leads me to my next thought..

-In other kitchen news, we ordered Giani granite counter top paint yesterday! Have you heard of this? It's basically a quick and inexpensive fix for when you can't splurge on granite counter tops. Click the website to learn more!

Counter tops now..and replace the black dishwasher with a pretty new stainless steel one!
-I'm 3 followers away from 200! I'm thinking it will be giveaway time once I hit 200 so all you stalkers out there, just go ahead and follow!

Have a great weekend!


  1. yay for inexpensive bootcamps! You can't beat $30!

  2. that is a great deal on a boot camp!! good luck with it.

  3. wow that granite paint is pretty neat..never heard of anything like that!!

  4. Meg you always post the best stuff! I want to order that paint now :) we aren't sure how long we will be in our house now, so this would be perfect! What color did you order? Are you doing it yourself or having someone do it for you? Thanks for sharing girl!!

  5. The bootcamp program sounds awesome! Congrats on the new fridge. It looks great!

  6. I've wanted to try a bootcamp! Can't wait to hear what you think of it!

    And can't WAIT to hear how you like your new granite counters! :)

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  7. Congrats on being so close to 200! Your new fridge is so pretty! I am also uber jealous that your job is encouraging you to get in shape. We had bootcamp offered and they negotiated a discount, but it was still around $175 for a month twice a week...too rich for my blood.

  8. Love the new fridge! And I can't wait to see what the counters look like when you finish!

  9. Really love your new fridge! Good luck with the countertop project!
    I'm on my way, after work today, to have a happy hour with some coworkers where they serve THE BEST fried pickles. And I thought of you and your blog :)

  10. Loving the new fridge and the comments on everything else going on in the room. Wouldn't be real life without them, right?

    Made the shrimp and artichoke cass last night. Delish! I'm thinking of sharing it with readers next week. Do you know which amounts of butter go where? Maybe I missed it somehow.

    So exciting that you are near 200!!!


  11. Where did you get that gorgeous new fridge and who was your saleman? J/K Dad wants to know where his free advertisement is.

  12. Looks great girl!!! I'm going to have to look into that granite stuff! I'm stuck with wood countertops! Gross is right!

  13. you're silly! love the fridge, the BL box and the cookies! Yum-o!

  14. Looks great!

    Oh and by the way, I am follower 200!!!! Congrats!! lol

    Feel free to pop on by my blog to say hi!!

  15. how exciting i cant wait to see more kitchen photos :) oo and i love thin mints! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  16. Hi friend!! Love your new fridge! And, if we're going to be honest, I love the Bud Light box too :) You're my kind of girl! And congrats on 200 followers!! xo

  17. your fridge is gorgeous!!! love it. can't wait to see how that paint turns out.

  18. What is embarrassing about the bud light box? From what I have seen on TV lately, just having a bud light case in your kitchen constitutes an entire remodel! In fact, why bother with the new (gorgeous, btw) fridge when you have a budlight box???? :-)

  19. And you're at 200!!! PARADE!! Congrats! Also...Bud Lite...ain't nothin wrong with that! And I love Thin Mints...mine can be found in the freezer! :)

  20. That is a great deal on Bootcamp - I wish my work would do something like that!

    And I love the fridge! - When we moved my boyfriend and I also switched to a lot of stainless steal appliances - it's crazy how big of a difference they make!


  21. Hey that paint sounds awesome girl. We have the real thing but it was definitely a splurge so great to know that if we need to when can just use paint next time! Awesome and so glad you are doing bootcamp- kudos for you!