Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

 I'm loving that I had the past two days off from work! I got a lot of (not-so-exciting) stuff done around the house. Sorry I missed yesterday's Tasty Tuesday, though!

I'm loving that my friend, Caroline, started a blog! Go here to take a look. We've known each other probably since we were born and our mom's were even in each others weddings back in the day! :)
Caroline & I with our momma's back in 2008.
I'm loving that this weekend is our big community event at work! It's called Celebrate Kiawah and it's a complimentary event for all of the property owners. We'll have a caterer, a band by the pool and an acoustic guitarist upstairs! We've already received 830 reservations! 
Photo from last year's event
I'm loving that I got to see and catch up with Jenny & Dan on Monday night! They were in town doing some wedding planning and stopped by to see the new house and eat dinner. 

I'm loving that my friend, Becca, and her husband are having a baby boy! He is due July 22nd. 

 I'm lovvvvvving this dress by Diane von Furstenberg! It is perfection in my eyes.
 And I'm loving all of the sweet, sweet comments that were left on Monday's post about my guy, Brady. :)
froggy style


  1. That event at Kiawah looks like it will be a great time! Have a good (extended) weekend!

  2. i looooove that dress too! Happy Wednesday.
    PS, miss u

  3. Enjoy the event - it seems like it will be a huge success :)


  4. You are loving some mighty fine things this week, missy! Is that your mom to your left? If so, she looks like she could be your sister! That dress is beautiful!!

  5. Hope your event is amazing this weekend! I bet the weather there now is GORG! {I miss it!}

    That froggy pic is ADORABLE! He's a cutie! :)

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  6. That dress is so so cute! I usually like DVF dresses, but they aren't always my favorite. I love the stripes on this one.

  7. I'm so jealous that you had 2 days off from work this week. Love that DVF dress, it's the stripes!

  8. Thanks for the shout out! aaand i love that dress too. and brady, of course!

  9. Omigosh. That DVF dress is devine!!

  10. LOVE that DVF dress! Gorgeous! And so fun to be off work -- those are the best days ever! :)