Friday, December 21, 2012


Happy Friday before Christmas! I still have a few small things to pick up to complete my gifts but you better believe I will NOT be going to the mall or Target.

This is somewhat of a last weekend (ok, just Sunday) recap post since I never got around to it this week. 

Went to brunch on Sunday at Fat Hen. I had one of the top 5 best sandwiches of my life! It was the "PULLED BBQ DUCK SANDWICH with house made BBQ sauce, blue cheese bacon cole slaw and pomme frites."
Then, Emily and I went to our friend Stephanie's house for her 2nd annual Cookie Exchange! This year everyone brought sugar cookies and decorated them at her house.

Later that night, as if I wasn't emotional enough from the horrific Newtown events, I watched The Bachelorette wedding of Ashley & JP. I could not keep it together! That, my friends, is a tear catcher placed across my face.
I can't believe I just posted this awful picture of me.
What's on your agenda this weekend?
Saturday is shopping and a Christmas party and Sunday we're going to a friend's baptism of his son and celebrating our engageiversary!


  1. OMg. I love fat hen brunch. Your tearcatcher is amazing.
    Merry Merry!

  2. That sandwich sounds amazing! Hysterical picture, I watched the wedding too!!

  3. I like your tear catcher funny! That burger looks AMAZING! Now I want 9:26AM.

  4. I'm so sad I missed Ashley and JP's wedding. I wanted to see it so bad!!

  5. Tear catcher, why didn't I think of that brilliance?!? You need to work on getting a patent, ASAP ;)

    Happy weekend!
    {p.s. - there's a box of giveaway goodies that should arrive to you soon!}

  6. I have the wedding on DVR & plan to make T watch it with me tonight. It's good to see other people get as emotionally invested into these stupid shows as I do. I get embarrassed!

  7. Those sugar cookies look great. I hope to be good at making them one day.

  8. Haha you are too cute with your "tear-catcher". Shaun and I have tried going to the Fat Hen several times, but there's always at least a 45 minute wait! I've heard such good things, we'll have to make a reservation next time.