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Friday, November 26, 2010

Five Question Friday!

Hi everyone! Hope yall enjoyed your Thanksgiving like I did! We went out to a t-tiny town outside of Bamberg called Olar to be with Cameron's family for the first half of the day, ate meal #1 and then made our way to Summerville to be with my family & eat meal #2. Thank goodness for flowy shirts. Here are a few pics my sister took..

Family pic..gotta love the self timer. And PS - No, I am not 6 ft tall, I was kneeling on a chair.
We both always wind up in this chair after dinner.

Brady tricks.

And the moment I'm sure you've ALL been waiting for, Five Question Friday...

1. What is your favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal?
The turkey with my grandma's giblet gravy. YUM. And the green bean casserole, and the sweet potato casserole, and my Aunt Cindy's exxxxtra cheesy & bacon-y mashed potatoes. So apparently I can't just pick one. Good thing I have a plate of leftovers for lunch today :)

2. Are you a host or a guest for Thanksgiving this year?
Have always been a guest.  I assume that will be the case for many more years to come. Who knows though, maybe Cameron will want to host next year?? HA.

3. When you think of one Thanksgiving tradition, what comes to mind?
Just having all of my family under one roof. Watching football before and after dinner. And getting ready for the Carolina / Clemson game that always on the following Saturday! 

4. You have two pieces of pie in front of you and you HAVE to eat you choose pumpkin or pecan?
Definitely pumpkin. Don't like pecan pie. Possibly the one person that doesn't like it. 

5. Are you a Black Friday Shopper?
Heck no. Not yet anyway. But this morning I was up at 5:30! Getting ready for work...booo.....
4.5 more hours to go at work and then Cameron & I are headed to Clemson! Can't wait! 

Hope you enjoy your weekend! And as always, GO COCKS!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bathroom Design HELP!

Things are slowwwly but surely coming together with the house. Piece by piece. I realllllly want to post lots of pictures, but am told I should wait until it's a little more put together and we're not sleeping on a mattress on the floor (true story).

Today's topic is the hall bath.

Let me just start by showing you some pics and you'll be able to tell why I'm so lost on what to do. As always, these are crappy Blackberry pics. 

Outside looking in.

Masssssssive counter top!!

Inside looking out.

So, as you can see, that is one long counter top. With only one sink(?). The paint color is Martha Stewart for Sherwin Williams Milk Pail, which is now discontinued. This is the main color in Emily's house so she had some left over that I used to match. Thanks to her for letting me copy! :) The counter top is a gray speckled color. We also plan on adding white bead board to the bottom part of the walls down the road.


-Should I paint the cabinets? If so, what color? My original plan was to paint them white, but now I'm scared it would be TOO much white.

-What the heck should I do with all of the counter top space? Like I've mentioned before, I'm a fan of all things nautical so I'd like to incorporate some of that into the bathroom. Any links with cute accessories or ideas would be very helpful!

-For the bath mat & towels, what color should I go for? Once again, I was thinking white, but it's probably overkill. Tan? 

All suggestions are welcome! Thanks for your help!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Five Question Friday!

Hiii everyone! Not a whole lot to talk about today..this week has gone by super slow! Have a wedding tomorrow for work that I'm really excited about! They are an older couple but they definitely know how to have a good time! For example, they are hiring a band called Loose Chain that is definitely one of my favorite wedding bands...and totally the opposite of what band I would picture them hiring. I Googled the band to show yall a video of them and came across my sorority sister's wedding! How crazy is that?! This link doesn't really show the band in action, but it shows you how packed the dance floor was and how much fun everyone was having. The wedding planner, Luke Wilson, is amazing, too, as you will see!

1. What Christmas song do you loathe?
"We Three Kings"..just can't get into it, sorry.  It's not that its too mellow for me because I like other mellow Christmas songs. Just have never liked it.

2. Do you and your significant other cuddle at night or sleep on opposite sides of the bed?

I'd love to say "oh we cuddle all night long!" but let's get serious, who does that? I need my own space. I like to go to bed a lot earlier than him so he'll stay up watching tv in the bed. I'll lay my head on his chest and make ask him to play with my hair (he might kill me for saying that) and I may or may not fall asleep then. When it's time for me to really go to sleep, I turn my back to him. That doesn't sound very loving, but it's true. We'll sleep our separate ways most of the night and then cuddle again in the morning before it's time to get up and get moving.

3. Have you ever had surgery?
I think I had surgery of some sort on my ear drums (?) when I was younger. Also had surgery in March that if you know me, you know what it is. That's all though! Never broken a bone (knock on wood).

4. When do you typically have your holiday shopping done?
 Whenever I can and have the funds to do so. Which means I usually spread it out over November & December. I've already purchased 4 gifts so far! Two from Etsy (sorry, can't show you until after Christmas because the recipients read my blog).

5. If money were not an issue (and you HAD to pick something), what would your ultimate luxury item be?
This is a tough one...either a car that I want rather than just a car I can afford.  Or maybe an unlimited budget to fix up the new house! Hmmm...or maybe a live in make-up artist / hairdresser to make me look good every single day!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday

So, I admit. My creative juices have run out for Wordless Wednesday. Therefore, I'm now jumping on the "What I'm Loving Wednesday" bandwagon from Jamie's blog. Hope yall enjoy the switcheroo!

I'm loving how up close and personal I came to this little guy this morning..

I'm loving pumpkin bread for breakfast. 

I'm loving that tonight is supper club with these great ladies and their husbands. Yes, Cameron and I are the only un-married, un-engaged couple. Still fun! 

I'm loving the fact that Thanksgiving is just over a week away!

I'm loving that next weekend will be jam packed with the Carolina / Clemson game and our 2 year anniversary! :)


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And If Ya Don't Know, Now Ya Know!



Gamecocks make their first trip in the school's history to the SEC Championship on December 4th! We'll have a re-match against Auburn and I think we have a pretty good chance of becoming the SEC CHAMPS! It's a GREAT year to be a GAMECOCK!

Monday, November 15, 2010

CSN Review: Dirt Devil Steam Mop

Like I mentioned last week, I was contacted by CSN to do a review of one of their products. I chose the Dirt Devil Steam Mop because even though most of my house is carpeted, we do have 3 dogs and the tile/laminate floors often get neglected. Also, Cameron's house is mostly hardwood floors and tile.

Here are the stats:


Contoured Loop Grip Handle
Quick Release Cord Wrap
Adjustable Chromed Steel Handle
Easy Fill Water Reservoir with Water Level Indicator
On/Off Power Switch
Power-On and Steam-Ready Display Light
Pivoting EdgeWedge Steam Head
18-Foot Power Cord
1500 Watts with ETL Listing

Included Accessories:

2 Multi-layer micro-fiber cloth pads - machine washable
Micro-fiber "shaggy" dusting pad (machine washable)

Carpet glide attachment for all carpet/rug use
Fill cup

The verdict:
Fast heat up time. It worked pretty well on my kitchen floor. Didn't leave a puddle of water like some of the other reviews said their's did. I like how its triangle shaped for those hard to reach corners.

However, when I put the carpet attachment on and tried it on one of the numerous spots on our carpet, it didn't work at all. Not even slightly. But I didn't buy it to use on carpets, so I can get over that.
Overall, I'm happy with this product and hope it makes me motivated to clean.......right.....

Friday, November 12, 2010

Five Question Friday! + Weekend Events

So, today started out normal..went to see my friend Kady for a haircut at 10, went across the street to the mall food court to pick up lunch to bring to work,  saw Cameron's sister-in-law, Kara, and talked to her for a bit and then started on my 40 minute trek to work. 

Let me set the scene..the road that takes up the majority of my trip is a two-lane road with lots and lots of trees. Trees that come *this close* to the road and if you're not paying attention, would be very easy to hit. Those trees aren't involved in the story though. Just trying to help you paint a picture in your mind. :) Anyway, the two lane highway eventually turns into a four-lane highway.

So I get about five minutes past the part where it turns into a four-lane highway and all of the sudden I see this guy laying on his back really close to the road next to his bicycle. Then I see a truck pulled over on the side of the road. So I pull over to see if they need help (and I'll admit it, I'm nosy). I didn't know if they guy had fallen off of his bike or what. I get closer and the (older) lady who drove the truck told me to call 911. Apparently, she had hit him with her truck! I don't think it was head on or anything because one of her side mirrors was messed up. He was awake and had scooted away from the road and was sitting up. Was shaking a bit, probably due to the adrenaline....I sure was! Didn't seem to have any major injuries..said his back and wrist hurt. His head was bleeding a bit. I waited until the ambulance came and got him on board. Was told by the EMS guy that since I didn't actually witness it happening I didn't have to stay. So I wrote down my contact information for the lady and told her to call me if she needed anything. 

So, a super scary start to my day. I just hope he's ok and she is ok, as well!

Tomorrow will be spent helping Cameron move the rest of his smaller belongings from his old place to the house! Carpet was installed yesterday and the glass in the master shower, too! It's officially move-in-able. Then, that evening, we'll be going to an engagement party for my friend Kady (yes, hair Kady) and her fiance, Kyle. Yes, the Carolina vs. Florida game will be on the tv. For the record, I was not rude and asked..she brought it up. :)

I used to drive Kyle home from school for a little while in high school and Kady was actually good friends with my sister while they were growing up. Fast forward a few years and I worked with Kady at Outback (side job) where we became close. They're getting married at the Boone Hall Cotton Dock in February, which is one of my favorite venues in Charleston. 

These pics are back in 2008 keep in mind..

 Enough babbling..on to 5QF..

1. What is the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you?

That I remember - my friend Leslie slamming my middle finger in a car door in elementary school.

That I don't remember - probably getting a concussion in 2nd grade. I mean, I'm sure it couldn't have felt good if I hit my head so hard that I got a concussion.

2. How much sleep do you get at night?

No matter how much I get, I always feel like it's not enough. I could seriously lay in bed all day...every now and then. I usually go to bed around 10 and wake up around 5:30 or 6:30, depending on what time I have to be at work.

3. How long did you believe in Santa Claus? How did you find out that he does not exist?

That would be a question for my mom, because I don't remember. Then again, she doesn't have the sharpest memory either. You know it's true, mom. I don't feel like I balled my eyes out or anything when I figured it out.

4. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?

Again, that would be a question for Cameron, because I don't remember...I think it was a funny movie though because I remember us laughing a lot.

5. What do you wear to bed?

Nothing. hahah jk Mom :) T-shirt and pj shorts/pants. Y'know, something realllly sexy like that.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday and weekend! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CSN Review in the Works!

If you know me, you know how much I <3 CSN. Well, I've been contacted to review a product and am SUPER PUMPED! Too many things to decide between and too many things we need for the new house!

As you know, CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find anything you need whether it be a chic handbag, children's luggage or even cute cookware!

Stay tuned to see what I choose! 

Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Sister, Sister

Steph's 18th Birthday

Traditional Easter Prom Pose

Welcoming Stephanie home from her semester abroad in France!

Thanksgiving '07
Thanksgiving '09
My graduation from USC '06
Her graduation from USC '09

Proud of my sissy!