Thursday, June 18, 2015

Prayers for Charleston.

On the day where I usually talk about the Sofa Super Store fire and the Charleston 9, last night's tragic events in our Holy City gave the phrase "Charleston 9" a whole new meaning. I hate that this happened, but I especially hate that this happened in my beautiful city. No doubt justice will be served, and served swiftly. Please pray for Charleston, the victims, and the victims' families. 

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

#JALsquared - Jenny & Justin's Wedding Weekend

Last weekend, we celebrated our good friends, Jenny & Justin's wedding! They are a very special couple to us. Cameron and Justin have been friends since middle school, and Jenny & Justin's second date was to a boat ride Cameron and I threw for our wedding party! We were also lucky enough to celebrate their engagement with them in April of 2014.

We kicked off the wedding weekend at a Welcome Party at the rooftop of Jenny's work! 
Shirt from J.Crew Factory (<-- a="" back="" cute="" detail="" from="" href="" nbsp="" necklace="" open="" target="_blank">Rocksbox

I love that you can see multiple church steeples peaking out over the city line.

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner, which was at Justin's parent's house. They live 5 minutes down the road from us, which was a nice touch. The dinner was some of the best barbecue I've had in a long while. 

I stressed so much on what I was going to wear for all of the events. Bought a new dress for the rehearsal dinner but made a last minute decision to pull an old faithful out the back of my closet instead. I didn't LOVE the dress I bought and figured I'd rather save that money. Man, Cameron has really rubbed off of me. 

So much blue!
And now, for the big event!

The whole week prior, my weather app was calling for 50/60% chance of rain both Friday and Saturday. Luckily, there was not a drop during any of the events and nothing but sunshine.

Both the ceremony and reception were held at Old Wide Awake Plantation, the ceremony down by the river under a big, beautiful oak tree, and the reception next to the plantation house. This place is such a hidden gem! The ceremony was a warm one (hello, 90*!) but the sweetness of Jenny and Justin reciting their own vows did not leave many dry eyes. The reception was beautiful! Amazing details throughout, coupled with a super fun band that had me on the dancefloor all night long! (Alcohol and dim lights helped with that, too.)

Jenny's sister walking Jenny's dog, Sophie, down the aisle
She did a great job - especially for being a very timid pup.

Could they be any cuter?!?

Me with the most handsome groomsman in the wedding - lucky girl!
I promise we are not matching on purpose, just happened that way!

Cameron's adorable parents. How smokin' is his mom?!?

So in love with the Hunter Bell dress I wore from Rent the Runway! Got so many compliments, which made a girl feel good. 

Sunday we contemplated laying out by the pool, but we were even too exhausted for that. Jenny and Justin are currently honeymooning in Antiqua and I can't wait for them to get back to hear all about it!

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday.

I posted! I posted! I feel like there are not enough hours in the day lately so I have definitely been neglecting my blog, as well as reading and commenting on my favorite blogs. Makes me kind of sad and out of the loop! 

Here are some random thoughts as of late....

-Last Friday night we went out to Freshfields' Music on the Green night to celebrate Alicia's birthday. These are one of my favorite nights during the Summer. Live music, hanging out with good friends, and a BYOB/BYOSnack type of atmosphere. I knew I didn't want to drink beer (makes me so full) or wine, so I popped into Total Wine on my drive home and picked up some Skinnygirl Cucumber vodka. I followed this recipe on Skinnygirl's website that turned out to be SO good and refreshing! Perfect for a warm Summer day. 

  • 1½ parts Skinnygirl™ Cucumber Vodka
  • 4 mint leaves
  • 1 large basil leaf
  • 1 lime wedge
  • 3 parts soda water
  • ½ tsp. agave nectar

Squeeze lime wedge into rocks glass. Muddle lime wedge with mint, basil leaves and vodka. Add ice. Top with soda water. Add agave nectar and stir. Garnish with lime wedge.

-Saturday we enjoyed another boat day with Emily, David, and Lane. He is becoming quite the boater in his young age! 

-I always screen shot interior design pictures on Instagram (as well as food pics) and file them in an album on my phone. I snapped this one from Honey and Fitz and it just confirmed the fact that I NEED a spindle chair in my life. 

-This week started out as a typical crappy Monday. I took on two new properties Monday so I was feeling a little overwhelmed with that to start off with, and on my way back to the office from an onsite meeting to another meeting, I managed to hit the corner of our building with the side of my car. Ugh! The damage isn't completely awful, but it sure isn't pretty, and it definitely brings down the value of my already low-valued car. Is it bad of me to hope someone will give me a love tap in the same area so that they'll have to repair it? 

-Starting tonight, we have a very busy and exciting weekend ahead! Our good friends, Justin and Jenny, are getting married! Cameron is a groomsmen, so we will be attending the welcome party tonight, rehearsal dinner tomorrow night, and of course, the wedding Saturday. This is going to be a FUN one. Cheers to the future Lews!

That's enough rambling for one day. Linking up with Natalie and Annie!

Thoughts for Thursday

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