Wednesday, December 7, 2016

One Month Update + Favorites.

My, how time flies when you're having fun...or raising newborns.

So that this post doesn't get too lengthy, but still with enough detail that I can look back and remember these things, an update via bullet points:
  • At one month old, Travis surpassed his "older" brother in weight by a whole ounce! Travis weighed 7lbs5oz and Reid weighed 7lbs4oz.
  • The easiest way for people to tell them apart is by looking at their hair and mouths. Reid's hair is lighter in color and his tongue is sticking out the majority of the time.
  • They are still in newborn diapers, which we go through about 20 a day!
  • They are also still in newborn clothes. And 99% of the time it's pajamas.
  • I have met with a lactation consultant (who I highly recommend if you are in the Charleston area! Shoot me an email if you want her contact information!!) twice now, which has been a lifesaver. We discovered that the boys were only getting an ounce of breastmilk from me per nursing session, when they needed atleast two ounces based on their weights. Therefore, I'm having to breastfeed them, then give them a bottle of an extra ounce and a half of milk, then pump so I have milk for the next nursing session. Atleast an hour to complete all three steps. Whew. (I switch back and forth between the Brest Friend Twin Pillow and the Twin Z Pillow for any of you soon-to-be twin mommas out there. I like both for different reasons.)
  • They eat every 3 hours during the day and every 3-4 hours at night. The pediatrician gave me the "ok" to let them wake me when they are hungry in the middle of the night, rather than me waking them up to eat. Yes, I feed them at the same time and yes, I wake the other one up to eat if he is sleeping. I get those two questions a lot. :)
  • Speaking of sleeping, for the first few weeks they slept in Dock a Tots inside bassinets next to our bed. Anyone who has a kid knows how noisy they are as infants when they are trying to go to sleep, so last week we decided to move them to their cribs (still in their Dock a Tots though) and keep an eye on them with a monitor. They've done really well with this and we're not waking to check on them with every little peep they make!
  • Their personalities are so similar to what they were like in my belly, it's crazy! Reid (Baby A) kicked constantly inside my belly, and outside my belly he is super feisty and does NOT like to wait a second too long to eat. He gets hangry just like his daddy. I could rarely feel Travis (Baby B) move in my belly, which sometimes worried me. Turns out, he is just a chill baby! Definitely think he's going to be the mama's boy, which I am totally ok with.
  • Gus has surprised us and does really well around them! When it is just us at home he is calm(ish), but he does get super excited when people come to visit so we have to put him in the crate. We're working on trying to find time to give him attention and exercise, too! Gus loves to lay in their nursery at night between their cribs.
  • We have ventured out of the house quite a bit recently. Thanksgiving at Dee Dee and Grandy's (my parents), hung out at the James Island Yacht Club with friends, lunch at Mellow Mushroom just the four of us, a solo trip to the grocery store and TJMaxx/Marshall's, got their first picture with Santa, attended their first birthday party (Jack's 1st Birthday), and a lunch date with my sister and her friend Kaitlin, who had twin boys the day before ours were born! Kaitlin and I have been chatting since about the middle of our pregnancies and it has been so nice to ask each other questions and provide support for each other!

  • I used Minted to make their birth announcements and, as always, was very happy with how they turned out! Also loved the fact that I already had all of my addresses uploaded to their website from last year's Christmas cards, and Minted addressed the cards for me! Huge time saver!! (Use this link to get $25 off of your first Minted order!)


-The Ollie Swaddle was given to me as a shower gift by my friend, Savannah. I had never heard of it before and thought to myself, "what could be so special about this swaddle?" Well, I'm here to tell you it's very special. It's made of polyester and spandex, which makes it super stretchy for that extra tight fit. It has an opening at the bottom, which makes nighttime diaper changes easy without unswaddling the babe.

-The Dock a Tot is a portable pod that can be used for multiple functions. It provides a snug environment that re-creates the womb. It's lightweight and easily portable whether it be from room to room, or to grandma and grandpa's house. It's also made out of lightweight air permeable fabric that facilitates for easy breathing if the nose/mouth gets a little too close to the sides. Although they don't really suggest using it for sleeping throughout the night, this is what we currently use it for.

-The Snuza Hero monitor is one of the few reasons we are comfortable with the boys sleeping in the Dock a Tot. It is a portable breathing monitor that clips on to the babies diaper. If there is less than eight breaths per minute and/or no breathing after 15 seconds, the monitor vibrates in an effort to jar the baby and remind him to breathe. If no breathing is still detected after three efforts of vibrating, an audible alarm will sound notifying you. Luckily, we have not heard this scary alarm yet and hope to never hear it!

-Zip up pajamas are key for quick and easy nighttime (or anytime, really) diaper changes!

-To get around, we also love the Joovy Twin Roo+ stroller! The frame is lightweight and their car seats easily snap in.
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